The power of salicylic acid in facial care

Snaga salicilne kiseline u njezi lica

One of the most effective tricks against pimples and acne for many during puberty was a paste of crushed Aspirin and water. In fact, salicylic acid, as a component of the active substance in Aspirin, helped us. Why we should use it more often, read below.

Salicylic acid brings freshness

The natural source of salicylic acid is found in white willow , which itself belongs to beta hydroxyl acids (BHA) . It is known for its anti-inflammatory and comedolytic effect (preventing and mitigating the appearance of comedones, i.e. pimple-like bumps that people with oily skin are particularly prone to).

The benefits of salicylic acid were discovered by the ancient Greeks who drank willow bark tea to calm fever and relieve pain. It was believed that willow has this power because it grows next to fresh water that it absorbs, and whose freshness it then transfers to humans, acting regeneratively and healingly.

Later, with the development of medicine, it was discovered that the "magical" ingredient in willow bark is actually salicin , from which salicylic acid is formed, a little later discovered by the synthesis of active substances. It was and remains the active substance in later synthesized compounds.

All its properties - anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antipyretic, analgesic and antiseptic - show that it is really widely used. It didn't take long for her charms to be discovered in the dermatological-cosmetic world as well. Using salicylic acid, numerous inflammatory processes (acne), redness, irritation and the like have been treated (and are still being treated), because just as it works from the inside, it also works from the outside.


Crushing Aspirin is a thing of the past

Like all BHA acids, salicylic acid is more soluble in oils than in water. That is exactly why it is one of the strongest allies in the fight against the difficulties faced by people with oily skin. Namely, salicylic acid very easily dissolves natural sebum , thereby regulating it, or preventing its uncontrolled and excessive secretion.

In addition to salicylic acid being excellent for reducing oiliness on the skin of the face, it is excellent because it deeply cleans the pores and thus prevents their clogging. It also removes dead skin cells, refreshes the complexion , and gradually reduces the visibility of treatment spots and hyperpigmentation.

Because of all the benefits that salicylic acid brings, there are numerous cosmetic preparations that will make the crushing of Aspirin a thing of the past. It can be found in products for the local treatment of pimples, in daily creams for oily skin, etc.

Salicylic acid does not remain on the surface of the skin, but penetrates deep into the pores . Because of this property, formulas for chemical facial exfoliation are rich in salicylic acid. Thanks to it, dead cells deep in the skin of the face are easily removed, and in addition, regular exfoliation prevents their deposition.

Recommended for night care

You can get such a treatment using Professional Mikroexfoliant, a powder scrub for the face. Using Professional Microexfoliant , you will thoroughly clean your skin, but also even out your complexion and promote smoothness , natural glow and a healthy look. The microexfoliant has an anti-inflammatory effect, and the end result is soft, purified skin.

This form of peeling, i.e. skin exfoliation, should be applied up to 3 times a week on all skin types (once or twice a week will be enough for most skins):

For people with sensitive skin that is prone to capillary changes, rosacea and similar conditions, it is recommended to use the Microexfoliant only once a week. In addition, people with extremely sensitive skin are recommended to perform a tolerance test on the forearm.

Also, it is important to know that the product should not be combined in the same routine with other cosmetics that contain acids or retinoids. In addition, it is recommended to use it in evening care, along with SPF during the day.

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