About the NATRUE Certificate

The most accurate indicator of the quality of natural cosmetics is independent recognition such as the NATRUE certificate for natural and organic cosmetics.

Smilje collection

NATRUE is published by the non-profit organization The International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association based in Belgium. Founded in 2007, the organization is dedicated to the protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Their goal is to support the quality and use of natural raw materials, and thus the visibility of producers who meet the highest standards of quality and integrity in the development and production of natural cosmetics.

The NATRUE certificate can only be obtained by passing all strictly prescribed criteria and following the NATRUE standard, as well as harmonizing the production process. The NATRUE standard was developed by the NATRUE Scientific Committee Criteria and Label, it is periodically revised, developed and improved.


Basic principles of NATRUE certification

  • only natural ingredients of organic origin, ingredients derived from plant sources and bioidentical ingredients are allowed
  • ingredients of synthetic or artificial origin are excluded
  • water is excluded as a natural ingredient in order not to artificially "pump" the percentage of natural ingredients in the formulations
  • sustainability in production, the use of recyclable packaging and long-term commitment to the organization's criteria are encouraged

In order for certification with a recognizable logo of a female silhouette to be possible, it is also necessary that at least 75% of the products from the collection in question that the manufacturer wants to certify must comply with the organization's requirements and standards.

NATRUE certification

Certified natural cosmetics since 2014

Since its very beginnings in 1994, Olival has been guided by high production standards and the purest, most original ingredients of mostly local and regional origin in the production of cosmetics. Primarily, these are nourishing oils, among which the pioneering use of the eternally popular immortelle oil in the manufacture of care products stands out.

Olival received the NATRUE certificate in 2014, and this quality certificate was the first in Croatia and the region. Currently, the certificate for natural and organic cosmetics carries 15 face and body care products from the Immortelle collection and 3 deo sticks . With gentle formulations without artificial fragrances and dyes, microplastics, NATRUE certified products are the first choice for completely natural care.