Choose ideal products for double cleansing (according to skin type)

Odaberi idealne proizvode za dvostruko čišćenje (prema tipu kože)

We wrote and we believe you know, but we always like to repeat - quality and non-drying cleaning is the basis of any well-established routine. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly which products to use when it comes to double cleansing your face. Where does the micellar solution fit in and does the first step necessarily have to be an oil cleanser? That's why we answer these, as well as all other doubts that we believe are of interest to you, below.

Professional cleaners

Dry skin to begin with

Dry skin is actually a somewhat rarer type that is generally not prone to irregularities. It is especially important to keep this type of skin in balance with non-drying facial cleansing products. Avoiding drying products is important to keep the skin's natural protective barrier intact and preserved. A dry skin type will often suit a make-up cleansing milk as a first step. In addition, all impurities will be removed with the gentle micellar foam from the Immortelle collection. Dry skin can't go wrong with the use of oil either. Thus, Microemulsion and Amino Gel from the Professional collection are also a safe choice. It will not have a drying effect, and it will thoroughly clean the skin of the face.

Focused on normal to combination skin

Normal to combination type is the most common and widespread skin type. It is often misrecognized as oily due to the fact that the T-zone can become greasy in a dehydrated state, and it can also be prone to irregularities. As a rule, mixed and normal skin is better suited to micellar solutions than milky textures.

Natural cleaners

It should always be remembered that after using micellar solutions, it is necessary to wash with water or ideally with another step to clean the face. Normal to combination skin types could use Micellar Gel or Micellar Foam as the second step of facial cleansing, depending on skin needs and texture preference. Microemulsion and Amino gel will suit the widest spectrum of skins, and it will not be necessary to use pads or pull the skin with them. In addition, the products do not contain added dyes and fragrances.

Finally, oily skin

With this skin type, repetition and adherence to the routine is also important. We would not recommend milky textures for facial cleansing, but in addition to choosing the Micellar solution, we would definitely recommend the second step of facial cleansing in the form of Micellar gel or Amino gel. Microemulsion is also a good choice in this case because the oil helps to dissolve sebum strands. By regularly applying the double cleansing method, the pores are thoroughly cleaned, which will make them look less visible. Tip more - oily skin will often need additional help in the form of mechanical cleaning. 

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