How to start men's skin care

Kako započeti njegu muške kože

The difference between the skin of men and women is actually smaller than we think. Men's skin can be thicker, more resistant and prone to oiliness, but this type of skin is not reserved for just one gender. The same applies to sensitive skin prone to irritation. In this blog article, we will share the most important items that will facilitate the care of men's skin, as well as the selection of the first key cosmetic products.

Soap is out, dedicated cleaner is in

The time of ordinary soaps in facial skin care is over (at least we hope). In addition to being extremely drying, soaps also have a high (alkaline) pH, which disrupts the natural balance of the skin in the long term, making it more sensitive. We wrote about why soap is not the ideal choice for daily cleaning here . Choosing a cleaner can be very simple and even more practical because it doesn't have to be changed every now and then. For most people, a washing gel such as Amino Gel or Micellar Gel Immortelle will be enough. In the case of heavy oiliness, blocked pores, comedones and wearing SPF that must be adequately removed, it is a great move to include an oil cleanser such as Microemulsion , which will dissolve all these layers, then emulsify in contact with water and rinse completely. The result is not greasy, but completely clean, tender and well-nourished skin, ready for the rest of the care.

Let BHA acids work for you

Salicylic acid is a valuable active ingredient in men's skin care. In addition to deeply purifying the pores and softening the skin, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is extremely desirable in the case of ingrown hairs from shaving and acne . It is enough to set aside 2 to 3 extra minutes in your routine once a week and "employ" the Microexfoliant . This scrub in powder form is mixed with water, then massaged onto wet skin, left on for a minute and then rinsed off. It is followed by hydration, and protection from the sun is mandatory since the skin is generally more sensitive after this type of exfoliation.

How to start men's skin care

Everyone should have their own little night care

An ideal dedicated cream should meet several criteria. Primarily, it should have a good ratio of humectants and emollients, i.e. moisture and nourishing, nourishing components. Also, it is preferable that it contains soothing ingredients such as CM Naringenin Chalcone, madecassoside or Centella asiatica plant extract. Skin prone to redness or irritation after shaving will also benefit greatly from the gentle, light textures of creams that are quickly absorbed, are not "heavy" on the skin and do not contain added alcohol or perfumes that can cause additional irritation.

Amino Activator CM is a treatment cream that almost combines serum action with classic care and protection. The valuable formula rich in active ingredients will help alleviate redness, irritation and contribute to more balanced, brighter, youthful-looking skin. It is used in the evening and as needed.

If the skin is prone to heavy sebum secretion and pimples, the light texture and targeted action will suit it. Mattifying Fluid Immortelle will soften the appearance of irregularities and help smooth the texture, thereby contributing to the evenness of the complexion. An additional plus is that this fluid carries the NATRUE certification mark for natural cosmetics , which indicates the high quality of natural ingredients and the formulation itself.

Sun protection as an everyday day cream

Just as the days of ordinary soaps have passed in cleaning the skin, so have heavy white sunscreens. Today's SPFs are much lighter, more breathable, without white marks and enriched with active ingredients such as niacinamide and coenzyme Q10 for additional care . For this very reason, a high-quality SPF will completely replace a day cream. In the morning, it is enough to wash the skin with water with a little gel, and then apply Professional Face Fluid SPF 30 . Don't forget, if you wear SPF, you need to pay more attention to cleaning in the evening - and that's where the previously mentioned oil cleanser will come in handy. It is important to note that cosmetics are not reserved only for women, especially not those like the Professional collection created for demanding skin with the most diverse needs. 

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