Peeling and face mask - when and how to include them in the routine

Piling i maska za lice – kad ih i kako uvrstiti u rutinu

Everyone knows standard skin care – washing and applying SPF in the morning, cleansing the face of makeup and additional impurities in the evening , followed by hydration, which is chosen depending on preferences and skin condition.

When it comes to additional care steps such as mask and peeling, sometimes doubts arise. Are they necessary, how often and when to use them, why are they useful and how do they work? We provide the answers below.

Reach for exfoliation, start additional care

The skin, especially the skin of the face, is highly variable. It changes when the temperature fluctuates, the seasons change, it fluctuates depending on the diet, and it is additionally influenced by personal life circumstances, happier or more stressful. The skin is not and cannot always be the same. Over the course of a lifetime, it sheds more than 8 kilograms of dead cells, and the accumulation of these same excess cells causes various unwanted problems – clogging of pores, formation of pimples and acne. In order to prevent future difficulties and avoid possible clogging of the pores, they should be given a kind of "flowability".

Facial exfoliation should be functional but gentle. However, if chemical peels are used, as in the case of the Peeling Toner AHA PHA , the skin will probably go through a phase of getting used to and redness as a reaction to the contact lowering of the pH value. This phenomenon is actually an indicator of the action of the active ingredients, but the duration of the redness should be monitored. If it takes a few hours, there is nothing to worry about. However, if it lasts longer, even up to two days, it is possible that the skin is sensitive to some of the ingredients or in a more sensitive phase, so the product should be temporarily omitted from the routine. Peeling tonic AHA PHA is mainly intended for normal, mixed or dry facial skin, i.e. tired-looking skin with visible spots. It is good to know that AHA and PHA can be used during pregnancy, so they make an excellent alternative to the usual chemical peels in the routine.

For oily skin prone to irregularities that needs deep exfoliation, there is a Microexfoliant that helps to achieve smoother skin faster. Precisely cleans pores because it is based on 1% salicylic (BHA) acid , and can also be used in the summer with mandatory application of SPF in the morning care.

For those who prefer natural mechanical exfoliants, in the Immortelle collection you can find products with apricot and olive kernels, which gently exfoliate and soften the skin. Nourishing Peeling enriched with essential oils of immortelle and sesame oils will effectively clean and at the same time nourish the dry skin of the face. For mixed and oily facial skin, a better choice is Active Peeling with activated charcoal, which helps regulate sebum secretion. Both products carry the first Croatian independent NATRUE certificate for natural cosmetics.

Whichever peeling you end up choosing, you don't need to use it more than once or twice a week. For most skin types, this is quite enough to achieve the best effect. Of course, some skins will suit more frequent use, but in that case thorough hydration is key.

Various skin food masks

By using face masks, we provide the skin with extra hydration and extra care, and the mind with the feeling that we have devoted time to ourselves and done something just for ourselves. After summer, vacations and a lot of time spent in the sun, sometimes hydration in the form of serums and creams is simply not enough. It is precisely at these moments that you should reach for a face mask to ensure a more intensive treatment for the skin. Face masks , just like peeling, should not be applied to the skin every day. They serve to additionally nourish the skin once or twice a week and in cases of targeted care. Nourishing masks are better for dry and more sensitive skin, and active masks for mixed and oily skin. Each of them has a targeted effect on specific irregularities, purifies and softens the skin.

Depending on the type of skin and the mask being applied, it can be kept on the face from 3 to 20 minutes. We definitely recommend following the instructions on the packaging of a specific mask. Too short or too long use will not bring adequate results. After use, the face should be washed well, and the results are usually immediately noticeable. The skin is softer to the touch, smooth and supple.

With the recommended and correct use of face scrubs and masks, you will notice another desirable effect. Cosmetic preparations will also work better and faster, and serums and creams will simply "sit" better. Remember, less is more. Make peelings and masks small - and alternating - rituals on a weekly basis.

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