Which cosmetic products are not intended for daily use

Koji kozmetički proizvodi nisu namijenjeni za svakodnevno korištenje

Prompted by the inquiries we receive most often, we decided to put together a more detailed article dedicated to products that we do not recommend using on a daily basis. With particularly reactive and sensitive skin types, it is useful to think carefully about introducing more active ingredients into the routine. Sometimes even the most resistant skin fails to defend itself from regular application of products with active ingredients or too frequent exfoliation. What are the products that in most cases we do not suggest to use on a daily basis, read below.

Education before exfoliation

Silky skin, reduced pores and softness to the touch are a wonderful feeling, but they often lead to careless infatuation and reckless use of Microexfoliant with 1% Salicylic Acid. For most skin types, using this chemical peel once or twice a week will be enough. After long-term, too frequent use of Microexfoliant and inadequate hydration, the skin may become flaky, excess sebum secretion, and ultimately the exact opposite effect that you wanted to achieve.

Skin reactions to the product should be systematically monitored and it should be remembered that the skin is an organ that undergoes frequent changes. A routine that worked for three months may not be the one that will work for the coming months.


The skin needs hydration and protection from the sun

The condition of the skin improves with the use of salicylic acid, and it may no longer be necessary to use it three times a week, but only once or less often. If you are considering a Peeling Toner that contains AHA and PHA acids instead of BHA acids, we would also not recommend its daily use. The tonic will help remove hyperpigmentation and treatment spots, and will also contribute to the even tone. Excessive use and again lack of proper hydration can lead to very different results. For this reason, we always mention that proper hydration is key in proper skin care, and SPF is necessary in every morning routine.

In addition to chemical peels in our range, there are also mechanical peels for all those who simply adore the smell of immortelle on their skin. Nourishing Peeling Immortelle intended for dry skin is a favorite part of many routines and makes the skin soft and smooth, while Active Peeling Immortelle additionally helps in solving skin irregularities. Using one of these two scrubs twice a week, depending on the type of skin you have, will provide you with a clear complexion and will solve the problem of superficial skin peeling.

Vitamin serum R2

Retinoids are easy when you know how

In addition to frequent questions related to the correct use of chemical and mechanical peels, there are doubts regarding the correct use of retinoids and the difference between the two Professional serums - Vitamin Serum R² and Vitamin Serum RA . We have described their differences in detail here , and now we would like to highlight the way to use them.

With the Vitamin Serum R², you don't have to think too much, as a rule, it is suitable for daily use (after a possible slower introduction). It is a serum with a very mild form and a percentage of retinoids based on hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and aloe vera. However, it should not be combined with other retinoids, high concentrations of active ingredients and exfoliating acids (BHA, AHA, PHA) in the same (evening) routine. SPF is, we repeat, mandatory.

Retinal requires a different approach

However, the RA vitamin serum should be more carefully introduced into the routine. It contains the powerful ingredient retinaldehyde in a percentage of 0.1%, which is the maximum concentration of retinoids available over the counter. It works against acne, comedones and pimples, reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentation and treatment spots as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

Professional set RA

This ingredient, just like acids, can cause a skin cleansing phase that is transient, but it may not occur in all cases. That is exactly why it would be ideal if the RA Vitamin Serum was the only new product you introduce into your routine, so that its effect on the skin can be closely monitored. It would be best to apply it every third or every other evening, depending on the needs of the skin. Again, we do not recommend combining it with other retinoids, high concentrations of active ingredients and exfoliating acids (BHA, AHA, PHA).

Vitamin Serum RA, unlike Vitamin Serum R², is applied to dry facial skin , and because it contains astaxanthin and ceramides, oilier skins will be suitable for independent use without additional application of moisturizing cream. With dry skin, it will be necessary to moisturize the skin after applying the serum.

The mask of Smilja

Additional mask care yes, but not every day

In addition to exfoliation and retinoids, we also include face masks in additional occasional skin care. Their application contributes to the nourishment of the skin, and at the same time they purify it. The nourishing mask is based on the action of white clay, and the Active mask is based on activated charcoal and green clay. They are applied to the cleansed face, left to act for ten minutes and then washed off with water . For the best effect, use them a maximum of twice a week, and the softness of your face after them will surely be your best reward at the end of the day.

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