How to relieve acne, comedones and facial dehydration after summer

Kako ublažiti akne, komedone i dehidraciju lica nakon ljeta

The combination of heat and humidity, sweating, sea water and SPF can take its toll on facial skin. It can become rougher to the touch, with visible inflammatory acne or closed comedones, a tired appearance accompanied by an unpleasant tightening sensation. Acne, comedones and dehydration can be solved by systematically introducing or rearranging the routine after the summer, and we provide details below.

1. Double cleansing

A kind of "first aid" is certainly high-quality and thorough, non-drying cleaning in two steps. Why exactly two? It is still important to continue using a sun protection product. Care, just like make-up, needs to be literally dissolved from the skin and removed from the pores. Products with an oil phase (such as Micellar Solution 2in1 Immortelle ) or completely oil cleansers such as Microemulsion are the most successful in this regard. The reason for this is that oil dissolves oil, so it will best remove sebum (natural skin fat), as well as product layers and other impurities from the pores and skin surface. Cleansing is ideally finished with a light and gentle gel which, along with washing, will remove residual impurities and prepare the skin for the application of serums and creams. We remind you that until the skin is completely cleansed, its ability to absorb care products is also reduced!

2. Chemical exfoliants

Treatment products based on salicylic acid (BHA) are always a good solution to restore balance in the event of irregularities such as comedones, acne and damaged skin texture. The Microexfoliant is a hybrid scrub with 1% salicylic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and purifies pores, while castor wax beads gently massage the skin. After this treatment, the skin is extremely fresh, smooth and very soft. It is important to know that salicylic acid, as an active ingredient, promotes faster cell turnover, which is why the skin cleansing phase or the so-called. purging .

Because of this, it may seem that the condition of the skin is getting worse, but the fact is that everything that is in the process of forming under the surface of the skin now comes to the surface much faster. At the end of the summer, especially if the skin is extremely prone to comedones, it is good to perform a mechanical cleansing of the skin that will "reset" the condition and alleviate the possible purging phase. It is important to emphasize that, if it does happen, the skin cleansing phase is temporary and transitory. The microexfoliant is applied depending on the skin itself and the rest of the routine. A very oily and resistant skin will be suitable for use up to three times a week, and a slightly more sensitive skin will be treated once a week or even less often (especially if you use other active ingredients).

3. Plenty of hydration

Care is not complete without a cream. Even oily skin needs a cream, of course – adapted to its unique needs. If the skin is dry and lacks fat (i.e. lipids), creams containing nourishing oils such as almond and macadamia are preferable. Vitamin Cream C+ is an excellent choice for skin prone to spots and freckles, while Extra Moisturizing Cream Immortelle is a natural cream suitable for all lovers of certified cosmetics. Oily skin or complexion prone to clogging of pores will suit non-greasy textures without classic oils . Vitamin Cream B3 also contains niacinamide, which alleviates the secretion of sebum, while Amino Activator CM provides a therapeutic effect against redness and irritation. And what about day cream? Day cream is actually SPF – choose your factor between Professional Fluid SPF 30 and SPF 50 because these products are designed to protect, nourish and therefore change the classic day cream. 

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