Puberty skin - how to choose care for teenagers

Koža u pubertetu - kako odabrati njegu za tinejdžere

It is good to adopt good habits from the early days. Skin care may not be part of basic hygiene, as is the case with, for example, brushing your teeth, but it is very important. Puberty is usually the time when teenagers become more aware of their features, including their skin, and at that moment comes the desire to take more careful care of their skin. What exactly this refers to, how to help them and choose the ideal care for teenagers, read below.


Protection in the first place

Teenagers can truly say that their skin is literally in its prime. The level of collagen and elastin production is at the highest possible level, the skin retains hydration well, fullness is visible, and there are no early signs of aging yet. Precisely for these reasons, it is crucial to maintain such a condition from a young age so that it simply lasts as long as possible. Both girls and boys should be taught about the importance of protection from the sun . Prevention is always the optimal solution, and when it comes to UV rays, only SPF will be able to adequately preserve the health of the skin and its physical condition and appearance.

In order to prevent skin damage caused by solar radiation, as well as the effect of reducing collagen production, which causes wrinkles, it is necessary to use a sun protection product with UV filters daily, namely protection 30 or 50. It is good to choose fluids and creams with new filters generations that are well tolerated even on sensitive skin, in the area around the eyes, which are quickly absorbed and do not leave white marks . Professional Face Fluid SPF 30 is very light and comfortable on the skin, suitable for all skin types, while Professional Face Cream SPF 50 is suitable for oily skin and faces with pronounced oiliness of the T-zone. As they are products that replace the day cream, they contain nourishing ingredients such as niacinamide and coenzyme Q10.

Professional Face Cream SPF 50

Double cleansing cleans pores twice as well

On the other hand, UV filters, i.e. sun protection products, need to be well and thoroughly removed from the skin after the whole day. As most of them are oil-soluble, it's great to use facial cleansers that are also oil-based or oil-based (oil dissolves oil!) . Depending on preferences, the first cleanser can be Micellar Solution 2in1 Immortelle with water and oil phase or oil cleanser Microemulsion . With the micellar solution, the face is cleaned with a soaked pad, and with the microemulsion, a small amount of the product is squeezed onto dry palms, massaged into the dry face and then washed off with water.

The second step is washing to remove all tiny remnants of make-up, SPF and impurities. These can be Micellar Gel, Micellar Foam Immortelle or Amino Gel , also depending on your preferences. For example, products from the Immortelle collection have a natural refreshing-floral scent, while Amino Gel does not contain added fragrances.

Niacinamide, salicylic acid are preferred...

Even a basic routine, starting with daily cleansing, is a good foundation for a clean face without pimples. However, during puberty, the skin goes through major changes and the appearance of minor irregularities, including stronger oiliness, is not strange. In this case, it is good to include products with salicylic acid or niacinamide.

Mattifying Fluid Immortelle

Microexfoliant is a fun and simple peeling powder that will refresh, smooth and visibly purify the skin from the first use. It is mixed in the hand, applied to wet skin, massaged and left to work, then rinsed off. It is, of course, followed by hydration, and the exfoliant itself is used as needed - approximately once a week.

Vitamin Serum B3 is also available for daily treatment care. In addition to niacinamide, which is the key to balancing oily and problematic skin, this serum also contains other less common ingredients on the market, such as tranexamic acid to reduce treatment spots, magnolia bark extract to soothe and strengthen the skin barrier, and xylitol and panthenol for intensive hydration and renewal. skin . Due to its completely liquid texture, this serum replaces the tonic and essence, provides concentrated care that is instantly absorbed and non-greasy, and goes well with other products in the routine.

The cream is the icing of the end of the routine

Every skin needs a cream. Literally every one, even the fattest one. It is important to choose the texture and composition that this type of skin needs. What to choose? Light textures of gel or fluid will be quickly absorbed and will not be additionally greasy. It is preferable that, in the case of extremely oily skin, the creams do not contain highly nutritious and fatty natural oils such as olive, coconut and similar oils. Instead, ingredients such as squalane, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid are welcome. It is also great to include creams of a treatment nature in your routine, such as Mattifying Fluid Immortelle, which hydrates and nourishes in the short term, and in the long term helps to reduce sebum secretion and prevent pore clogging, which leads to appearance of acne and pimples.

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