GUEST: The fascinating science behind the Double Cleanse

U GOSTIMA: Kristina Mikulić

Our skin is a small jungle full of microorganisms. In this civilization we encounter good bacteria and cooperative fungi. We definitely want to keep this leather civilization in balance. This balance can be disturbed by the inevitable air pollution to which we are exposed every day, therefore, an important question began to arise in the cosmetics industry - how to remove unwanted impurities and keep our skin jungle in perfect balance?

As a solution to this problem, the Double C leanse or double cleaning method appeared. For those who don't know yet, this cleansing method involves two steps, where the first step cleans the oil-soluble impurities, while the second step removes the water-soluble impurities. Since cleansing can be a step that easily breaks the skin barrier by removing lipids from the face, the Double C leansing method has been developed as a gentle way for effective cleansing.

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What is particularly good about this method for our skin?

The Double C leansing method ensures a good balance of the skin microbiome, does not dry out the skin and allows unwanted impurities to be removed. Since the double cleaning method targets a specific type of dirt in each step, cleaning is more efficient and faster . In no single step does the cleanser have to stay on the face for too long, but it only removes what we want in a targeted manner, so there are no more unwanted drying and tightening effects that can disturb the balance of the skin.

Are active ingredients required?

We remove cleansers from our face very quickly, so we can ask ourselves; do they even need active ingredients? The importance of active cleansing should not be underestimated, because this is when we create the foundation for the rest of the routine. I fell in love with the double cleansing method the first time I tried it, because it was much easier and immensely faster to remove absolutely all the makeup from my face.

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What I especially like about Olival's Microemulsion is the texture of the oil. The texture is extremely light and thin, thanks to the squalane oil base and hemp oil, which contain a high proportion of linolenic acid, which "ventilates" the thick sebum of oily skin. Also, when removing eye make-up, the blurred vision effect does not occur, which makes it even easier to use. Although the active ingredients are not the most important part of the formula here, I find that it is beneficial in the long run to use cleansers that emphasize anti-inflammatory action. Thus, with Microemulsion , while we easily dissolve makeup and SPF, we apply licorice extract and vitamin E, which together relieve inflammation.

As the second step in professional double cleaning, Olival presented Amino gel . I loved its hydration and the fun gelatinous texture it owes to aloe vera. It is a very pleasant feeling to hydrate the skin and clean it effectively at the same time. You will probably notice a nice feeling of softness after cleansing, which you can thank to the addition of betaine, while polyglutamic acid and aloe vera will instantly refresh your face. I was very intrigued by the addition of allantoin – one of my favorite ingredients for skin regeneration, and as a finishing touch to this gel formula, we meet licorice extract, which completes the anti-inflammatory story already in the first step of the routine. Who says that we don't need active ingredients in cleaners?

Author of text and photos:

Kristina Mikulić @skinsolicitor

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