Get to know the effect of thyme extract for oily and problematic skin

Upoznaj učinak ekstrakta timijana za masnu i problematičnu kožu

For all those whose facial skin requires more attention, closer observation and simply a longer period of time to get used to a certain product, the question is always the same. Which ingredient works against pimples and comedones, does not cause irritation and is also natural?

Since the same product on the declaratively same type of skin can sometimes get completely different results, and this also depends on the remaining steps and the products used, you need to find the right choice for your own skin. Thyme extract is an ingredient that will help you in this, and below, find out in what ways it helps in the treatment of mixed to oily and problematic facial skin.

Smilje matting fluid

From Roman baths to contemporary beauty cabinets

Thyme is a perennial plant from the Lamiaceae family that blooms from May to September or the first frost. There are over 900 species of thyme distributed in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and the north of Africa. Thanks to its availability and the rapid discovery of its effectiveness, the thyme plant has been valued and used in various ways for centuries.

According to legends, Roman soldiers added thyme oil to their baths because it was believed to instill courage and daring before going into battle, and the Greeks used it to ensure peaceful sleep without nightmares. It is well known for its specific herbal smell, and apart from the cosmetic industry, it has a well-deserved place in medicine, aromatherapy, cooking or simply as a decoration. It helps with colds and soothes, so it is used as a medicine against stress, insomnia and headaches.

The use of thyme extract in the cosmetic industry is aimed primarily at acting against irregularities that are increasingly present due to the wearing of protective masks - acne, pimples, comedones, etc.

Anti-inflammatory and purifying action

Thyme extract contains two main compounds - thymol and carvacrol, which are well known for their powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thymol effectively reduces redness, and together with carvacrol, it suppresses the development of bacteria and the formation of inflammation on the skin. [1]

Effects of thyme extract:

  • powerful natural antiseptic
  • protects the skin from changes caused by acne
  • reduces inflammatory skin reactions
  • maintains a balance in sebum secretion

It works to neutralize the epidermal lesion by preserving the skin structure, but also as a comedolytic agent, i.e. it slows down and suppresses the growth of comedones. It also slows down the excessive thickening of the outer layer of the skin known as hyperkeratinization. In addition, it balances the secretion of sebum and improves the textural appearance of the skin, which is directly reflected in a smoother complexion and evenness of the skin.

Matting fluid Smilje 2

Special care for oily skin

The new product in the Smilje collection - Matting fluid - is based on the valuable thyme extract. As part of the formulation, its action is supported by squalane, camellia and immortelle oil, which work together effectively on mixed and oily facial skin.

Its texture is light and fast-absorbing, which makes it an excellent choice as a base for make-up, and the aforementioned sebum-regulating effect will also help maintain its durability . The eternal classic, immortelle essential oil , will stimulate the microcirculation of the skin and encourage renewal, so with long-term use it will slow down the aging of the skin and contribute to the fullness and freshness of the facial skin.


[1] Eqbal MA Dauqan, Aminah Abdullah, Medicinal and Functional Values of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) Herb , accessed 8/24/2021.

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