VOLIVAL guide: Holiday shopping recommendations of famous influencers

VOLIVAL vodič: Blagdanske šoping preporuke poznatih influencerica

December's search for gifts, especially those that are done at the last minute, can be a bit tiring. But for that wonderful moment of delivery, and even more so the smiles of happy family members and friends, it is worth looking for something special, designed with special attention and - concretely.

Cosmetic product sets combine the best-selling products into a real little ritual of care, they come in attractive and already somewhat festive packaging, and they usually also contain gifts. That's why famous ladies from Instagram love Olival sets, and we present their favorite selections and recommendations for holiday shopping below.

Anita Raić @anita.raic_beauty suggests a natural collection

My love for Olival and their products is widely known among my friends and clients. Products from the Olival Professional line are part of my daily routine and my skincare journey would not be the same without them.

Last Christmas I came across their Immortal Face Cream Set and of course I couldn't resist. It was a complete hit and I made the same purchase again.

Each cream is for a certain type of skin (combination, dry, oily and sensitive), and in addition to my own use, they have proven to be ideal for preparing my clients' skin before applying make-up .

Olival's immortelle sets are the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. You get ideal moisturizing creams for this cold period when our skin is looking for additional hydration, and you can be sure that they are natural, healthy and effective at the same time.

Ana Lalić @votebeauty emphasizes acne care

The Olival Professional RA set is the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, because I think it will suit those who struggle with acne and uneven skin, and also want an anti-aging effect. It's great that, in addition to the RA Vitamin Serum itself, the set also includes Professional Facial Fluid SPF 30, and the sleeping mask adds a touch of luxury and elegance.

Kristina Mikulić @skinsolicitor loves double cleansing

Olival double cleanse set is effective, but gentle on the skin. Oil Microemulsion as the first step thoroughly dissolves make-up without blurring the vision, while the moisturizing Amino gel simultaneously cleans the skin and preserves its barrier. Because of this, you will not feel tight after cleaning, but the skin will remain well-groomed. The set also comes with a convenient tape that will protect your hair during the most important phase of facial care - the cleansing phase.

Dubravka Pleško @skincare_beauty_truth is faithful to peptides

If you want an ideal gift for this holiday season with beautiful packaging, choose the elegant Peptide Set from the Olival Professional line. Serum and cream with peptides will give a healthy glow, elasticity, hydration, anti-aging care and help a person feel comfortable in his skin. An ideal gift for all skin types.

Magdalena Ivić @skinlosophy recommends vitamin B3

If you want to give someone a complete selfcare experience, I recommend Olival Professional set B3 . Niacinamide is the perfect choice for almost every skin type and every age, and with it you also get a face massager for a real spa atmosphere.

Sonja Knežević @sonja88k is happy to give away wizards

Magic gold set , Crystal or Rose set , believe me you won't go wrong with any of them. The oils in the sets are magical, extremely nourishing and nourishing, and Rose oil also gives a subtle, beautiful scent of roses. The Crystal Set contains an oil that leaves a decent shine, ideal for all holiday outings. I enjoy all three and in all seasons and I am sure that these sets are an ideal gift for under the pine.

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