All you need to know about activated charcoal in skin care

Sve što trebate znati o aktivnom ugljenu u njezi kože

From purifying the environment and making various products to treating health problems and skin care, activated carbon is one of the most powerful active substances. Here's why you shouldn't skip it in your routine!

What is it about

Probably, the mention of coal already makes you think of starting a fire for heating or preparing food. However, you must also assume that it is not the same material. You are right, because activated (or activated) carbon is a specially processed form of carbon that has millions of tiny openings or pores on its surface. It is precisely this "holey" and porous texture that enables it to function, thanks to which activated carbon has become a valued ingredient in various medical and cosmetic preparations. In the process of adsorption, openings on the surface of activated carbon attract and retain fat particles, impurities, and even toxins from the digestive system.

Cleans air, water and - skin

Because of its extraordinary ability to attract and extract, activated carbon is used in countless ways. It is safe for oral use in both humans and animals, so it helps in the treatment of digestive problems, food poisoning or accidental drug overdose. It serves for air purification, water filtration , and is an important ingredient in various branches of production. No less important, even in the production of cosmetics!

Reduces pores, balances, relieves acne...

Activated charcoal restores freshness and whiteness to teeth, while keeping gums clean and healthy. It is also used in the creation of a natural part of protection, but also to soothe various skin conditions. However, you may be most interested in the fact that activated charcoal is an extremely successful, reliable helper in the care of problematic skin - especially mixed and oilier types prone to acne and comedones . It attracts all the impurities, toxins and other particles often invisible to the eye that burden the surface of the skin and disturb its natural balance.

This is why this valuable ingredient in cosmetic products has a positive effect on narrowing and reducing the visibility of pores, but also deeply cleanses the skin from daily pollution, microscopic makeup residues and natural oils. With regular use, it balances the secretion of sebum , bringing a balance that is especially necessary for mixed skin and skin prone to irregularities.


An ideal complement to the care routine

On the other hand, two things should definitely be taken care of. First of all, the fluffy consistency of black powder is a bit impractical for home "shaking", and too much activated charcoal in a homemade mask for the face, neck and back can cause skin dryness, even aggravate irregularities. Fortunately, there are products that are made of quality ingredients, in the right proportions , and in addition to activated carbon, they also contain other valuable, purifying and nutritious substances that perfectly complement the care routine.

Be consistent, but also moderate

Olival Active Peeling Immortelle and Active Mask Immortelle are novelties that, in addition to powerful coal, also contain green clay, soothing aloe vera and high-value, domestic immortelle essential oil. They deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells and other impurities, and make the surface of the skin smooth and tight . Due to the potent ingredients and rich texture, it is sufficient to use them once a week. Massage the active peeling onto a dry or lightly moistened area of the face and neck, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and pat the excess water with a towel. Finish the treatment with your favorite serum and face cream. When you feel that your skin is "crying" for freshness, generously apply the Active Mask and simply relax until it dries. Wash it off, dry your face and neck, then feel free to apply care with a slightly lighter texture , such as Olival Hyaluronic Serum or Regenerative Cream. 

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