Retinal and acne: My experience with RA Vitamin Serum

Retinal i akne: Moje iskustvo s Vitaminskim serumom RA

The desire for skin without pores, for skin without a single dot and pimple is increasingly present. The texture on the skin bothers us and we want smooth baby skin, but it is not feasible. Yes, there are ingredients that can help retexturize skin and refine pores, but pores will always be there. In some people it will be more, and in others it will be less pronounced. Our pores have their function and should not be wiped off the skin forever, nor is it possible.

Vitamin serum RA 1

Keep your pores clean with active ingredients

What are pores anyway? In the simplest terms, pores are small openings in the skin through which sweat and sebum pass. They are connected to the hair root and are an integral part of our skin. When the pores get filled and mixed with sweat and bacteria - comedones can appear which become inflamed and cause acne. Pores can appear enlarged due to increased sebum production, due to damage caused by the sun's rays, or due to inappropriate products that fill the pores, which later leads to the appearance of comedones, pimples and acne. We can keep the pores clean, so they will be visually less noticeable. How to reduce pores and what to use?

RA vitamin serum - results

If you are prone to enlarged pores, comedones and acne, it is most important to emphasize that you should not touch them and squeeze them out on your own, because in most cases this leads to even greater inflammation. Leave the extraction of comedones to beauticians who will do it professionally, and with home care you can maintain the result of clean pores with active ingredients such as AHA/BHA acids or retinoids. From personal experience, I have learned that the use of retinoids works best for me to keep my face clean , even more than any other active ingredient. My favorite is the RA Vitamin Serum with 0.1% retinaldehyde (retinal), a truly powerful ingredient that helps smooth skin texture and prevent premature skin aging. Reduces hyperpigmentation, repairs photodamage, reduces sebum secretion and skin irregularities.

In addition to retinaldehyde, RA also contains a complex of nourishing ingredients that can reduce the possibility of irritation, which is not an uncommon phenomenon during the first weeks of use. Due to the accelerated cellular turnover promoted by the use of retinoids, there can be a cleansing phase when the skin throws to the surface everything that has been hidden in it for a long time, but without fear. Some skins never go through the cleansing phase, with some it takes a very short time, with some longer - there really are no rules.

Vitamin serum RA 2

80% less acne and healthier skin

When introducing the RA Vitamin Serum, I was very careful and removed all AHA/BHA acids two weeks before starting to use retinal. I emphasized additional hydration and soothing ingredients such as centella and azeloglycine, which turned out to be a winning combination because I had no irritations. I had a short cleansing phase of 2-3 weeks and later the first results started to appear.

I don't have wrinkles, I primarily use it to treat acne, but I notice that the skin is firmer and the protective barrier is strengthened. The complexion is cleaner, and the skin is generally healthier and has less redness. My acne has decreased by 80%, my skin is less oily and my pores are much cleaner than before. Spots after acne pass very quickly or do not appear at all, and the area of the nose and chin have fewer and fewer comedones. For my combination, acne-prone skin, this product is a hit!

It is most important to mention that with the use of all retinoids sun protection is mandatory because they increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun and not using sun protection can be the cause of additional skin irritation when using already strong active ingredients that can cause irritation on their own. Even in the winter months, sun protection should not be neglected because UV radiation does not depend on the temperature and does not "turn off" when the summer months end. Even with regular retinoid use for the past seven months, my pores are still there, but they're cooperating more and not as visible as before. I am more and more accepting of the natural texture of the skin and realize that the skin can be cared for without looking perfect .

Author of text and photos: Ana @votebeauty

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