How to take care of your skin during pregnancy

Kako njegovati kožu u trudnoći

You have arranged the care steps, you use active ingredients or you are just starting with skincare, there is no difference. During pregnancy, it is still necessary to take care of the skin in a slightly different way. In almost every routine, it is necessary to make small adjustments and adopt compromises. What to pay attention to and which ingredients to avoid, we present below.

Adjust your skin cleansing routine

The body goes through a whole storm of changes during pregnancy. The hormonal picture changes, blood volume increases, appetite either continuously increases or disappears completely, digestion becomes somewhat unpredictable. It is no wonder that each of these changes is most often manifested on the skin. What are the possible scenarios?


Primarily, the skin can become generally more sensitive and often more prone to oiliness and clogged pores. This is why it is important to adjust your skin care routine right from the start. Start with cleansing - now is the right time to introduce a gentle, non-drying double cleansing of the skin in the evening. Removing make-up with an oil cleanser such as Microemulsion will make your routine easier, and allow your skin a break from rubbing with pads. Just apply the oil cleanser to a dry face with dry palms, massage and rinse. Then proceed with the second step, a gel cleanser such as Amino Gel . In the morning, it is enough to wash the skin with possibly a little gel.

Be sure to introduce a dedicated sun protection product

The skin becomes more prone to hyperpigmentation, i.e. the appearance of melasma. This is especially noticeable on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. We always educate about the importance of practicing regular, abundant and careful sun protection throughout the year. Awareness of the dangers of UV radiation is even more important during pregnancy.

If you want to prevent the appearance of spots, as well as other misfortunes that unprotected exposure to the sun can bring us, SPF in the morning is an unavoidable step. Powders and BB creams with protective factors are usually not enough , either because of the formulations themselves or because of the method of application. SPF should be applied liberally, evenly and renewed as needed. Here we wrote more about myths related to sun protection . Don't forget to additionally protect the eardrum; it is the area where we sweat, wipe and touch the most. When choosing a product, pay attention to creams that easily replace the daily cream in your routine, such as Professional Face Fluid SPF 30.

It relies on active ingredients such as vitamin C or niacinamide

The question arises as to which of the active ingredients, that is, of the substances that have a targeted effect on the skin, is recommended to be used during pregnancy, and which is still good to omit. The good news is that almost all Olival products can be used during pregnancy. Although it is a product that is washed off the skin and the percentage of salicylic acid as an active ingredient is not maximum (only 1% against 2% of the maximum percentage), it is advisable to skip the use of the Microexfoliant. Also, it is necessary to leave out Vitamin Serum R² and Vitamin Serum RA due to the retinoids in the composition. Some dedicated skin gels are also not suitable for use during pregnancy due to the high content of menthol and camphor.

What to use then? You are left with a whole spectrum of excellent active women! Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, peptides, niacinamide, ectoin... All these ingredients will benefit skin that needs a treatment effect. If you don't want to give up using acids for exfoliation, an excellent choice is a nighttime liquid exfoliant. Peeling Toner AHA PHA will gently remove dead skin cells, restore softness and even out the complexion.

We especially highlight the powerful combination of antioxidants in Vitamin Emulsion C+ , which will strengthen the skin in the morning with SPF and complete protection from the sun's rays. Vitamin Serum B3 will suit oily skin prone to clogging of pores, while Hyaluron Hydrator 4H will perfectly restore moisture to dehydrated skin.

Pay attention to the choice of (natural) part of the protection

Pregnancy is also the time when we think about more natural alternatives to everyday cosmetics such as deodorants. Sensitive skin also occurs in the armpit area, and it is additionally susceptible to irritation due to, for example, more frequent and profuse sweating. One hundred percent natural deo sticks without aluminum salts and baking soda will not prevent the natural occurrence of sweating, but will gently and naturally (with bamboo stick powder) neutralize and reduce the accompanying unpleasant odors. An additional plus is that natural deo sticks are NATRUE certified, which means they pass the double standard for cosmetics.

The natural part of the stick

Take care of your body skin regularly

What we know for sure is that stretch marks cannot be completely avoided in any case, especially if there is a genetic predisposition and/or thinner skin prone to cracking. Nevertheless, continuity in daily care works wonders for softness and elasticity, but also for our feeling of well-being and satisfaction that comes with it . For care, we can choose dry oils that will be absorbed quickly without greasiness, such as Magical Dry Oil or slightly more nutritious milks such as Rose Body Milk . A good trick is to apply care in layers. Once a week, "borrow" Hyaluron hydrator 4H from your facial care routine, apply it to the still damp skin of the abdomen and then "lock in" the moisture with body milk. You will be amazed by the smoothness and speed with which the feeling of tightening and "tight skin" leaves you.

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