Ferulic acid for the skin - why and how to include it in facial care

Ferulična kiselina za kožu – zašto je i kako uvrstiti u njegu lica

You can't "scroll" through social networks or turn a page of a magazine without retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide or peptides peeking out from some beauty corner. However, the special beauty of skin care is hidden in multifunctional skincare ingredients - antioxidants. They simultaneously protect the potency of formulations from oxidation and our skin from environmental stressors. This time you will find out exactly what ferulic acid is and why it should become an indispensable part of your routine.

It's not exfoliation, it's not hydration but...

Antioxidation! We understand that a term like "antioxidant effect" may sound very unusual and foreign. In fact, environmental stressors or external influences are a kind of daily challenges that our skin faces. UV radiation, smog, other microparticles in the air, cigarette smoke, diet... These are all factors that potentiate the formation of free radicals. These are very unstable atoms, ions or molecules with an unpaired electron. It is because of this unpaired electron that free radicals are very reactive and chemically react with our cells, which ultimately leads to their damage.

Vitamin emulsion C+

How to suppress free radicals?

An orderly lifestyle, enough sleep, enough stress, a balanced diet and living in harmony with nature really does a lot for the whole body, including the skin. However, a lot can be done with cosmetics. Antioxidants stand out here. These are substances that moderate the reactions of free radicals with our cells, prevent oxidation, and thereby prevent microdamages at the cellular level. Simply put, antioxidants are an excellent prevention of damage, the consequences of which we will only see in the long term, over the years.

Antioxidant action in cosmetics is offered by numerous natural and synthetic ingredients. There are extracts of magnolia bark, licorice, green tea, then the well-known vitamin C, vitamin E and niacinamide... But one of the fantastic, but somewhat neglected antioxidants is certainly ferulic acid. Naturally present in many foods such as apples, pineapples, coffee and oats. What do these acids actually bring us?

Wave the stains "goodbye"

We have already mentioned that ferulic acid does not exfoliate or hydrate. It is not a sister to glycolic or salicylic acid, nor is it closely related to hyaluronic acid. At the very first thought of acid, there is an immediate impression that it is an ingredient or a product that is complicated, and its use is somewhat uncertain. However, ferulic acid is quite neutral and almost all skin types can enjoy its effects. First of all, you will find it in high-quality, cleverly formulated serums and emulsions with high proportions of vitamin C and vitamin E. In such formulations, antioxidants "support" each other and make the product highly stable and effective.

On the other hand, ferulic acid also provides antioxidant activity to the skin, which makes it the perfect ingredient to fight against early signs of aging. It has a brightening and evening effect, which means that it brings positive effects on the appearance of hyperpigmentation, post-acne spots and pimples. It is ideal for a slightly gray, tired, lifeless complexion. You will recognize it in the product by its characteristic plant-smoky smell, which many devotees of this ingredient call "the smell of efficiency".

An acid that works (better) with the help of the sun?

Oh yeah! We also love ferulic acid because of another fantastic specificity. Studies prove that it protects the skin from the mutagenic effects of UV radiation. This is why it protects the skin from diseases and loss of tone, firmness, wrinkles and spots as a result of long-term exposure to the sun [1] . Its action is enhanced by exposure to the sun. Of course, it is not a substitute for a sun protection product by itself and will not protect the skin from sunburn. On the other hand, antioxidants, especially vitamin C and ferulic acid, are most desirable when we are most exposed to external influences - in the morning routine with SPF!

If you already have a hyaluronic serum in your routine and you want to focus on wrinkles and signs of aging with care, and you love the strong glow that products with vitamin C give, choose Vitamin Emulsion C+ with camu camu extract and ceramides. In case you want additional hydration, Vitamin Serum C+ will be an excellent choice since it contains both hyaluronan and ectoin.


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