The DC method - key facts about double cleansing you need to know

DC metoda - ključne činjenice o dovstrukom čišćenju koje trebaš znati

Double cleanse, double or two-phase cleansing, DC method - these are all different names for the same skin cleansing procedure, which is increasingly important in daily care where we now wear many more layers. Among them, the most important one is SPF.

As much as it may seem, double cleansing is not made up of repeated actions with the same products. It refers to evening cleaning with dedicated, different products in two steps, according to the "like with like" principle.

Melt the make-up, wash the face.

Mascaras, powders and other make-up often contain oils, and sun protection products are also based on lipids, since UV filters are mostly soluble in oils that serve as a kind of "carrier" in the product. It should be taken into account that these are often powerful formulas designed to be waterproof.

There is also our sebum, the natural fat of the skin that accumulates during the day and "attracts" other, invisible impurities from the air that stick to the surface of the skin. Plain water or water-based gel or foam will not be able to dissolve all these layers, and therefore will not completely clean them from the pores and remove them from the skin surface. In the long run, this can lead to clogged pores, appearance of irregularities, tired appearance and simply worse absorption and effect of serums and creams. For this reason, in the first step of cleaning, it is necessary to use a dedicated product for cleaning makeup, SPF and sebum, and then wash the face with a water-based product.

Professional cleaners

The first cleaning step does not (necessarily) be oil.

Depending on the type and needs of the skin, textural preferences and wishes related to the products themselves, in the first step, micellar solution 2in1 Smilje , two-phase micellar solution 2in1 Smilje, micellar solution with green coffee, nourishing milk Smilje or microemulsion can be used. It is important to find a product that suits your skin, needs and habits.

Double cleaning is carried out exclusively in the evening.

Unless you sleep with SPF and make-up (and we hope you don't), it will be enough to wash the skin with water in the morning or with a little Smilja Micellar Gel, Smilja Micellar Foam or Amino Gel if during the night there was a stronger secretion of sebum on the T zone, from forehead to chin.

Sorry cleaners

It sounds longer and more tiring than it is!

Double cleansing is really not a bogeyman and you don't need more than 2 minutes for the whole procedure, and that's if you extend the massage in the first step for sheer enjoyment. When you practice, the DC method becomes an extremely fast and effective habit, and for many even a relaxing ritual at the end of the day. You don't have to worry about drying out either. Namely, products such as Microemulsion and Amino gel are designed to clean all types of skin gently, thoroughly and without the feeling of tightness that can be left after aggressive cleaners, especially ordinary soap. If it squeaks under your fingers, it is not good, and we wrote here why soap is not a good solution for cleaning the face .

To summarize! First removing the layers from the face, then washing off the rest of the impurities.

To start, reach for a make-up and SPF remover and clean your entire face (including the eye area). The procedure depends on the type of product. You will apply the micellar solution with a pad or cloth, and the Microemulsion directly with dry palms on dry skin, then add a little water and rinse. Then comes the second cleaning step with a water-based product. Choose foam or gel, apply to wet face, massage and rinse. And that's it, the skin is ready for new beginnings and a skincare routine.

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