What are peptides and how does Matrixyl help you achieve a better skin tone

Što su peptidi i kako vam Matrxyl pomaže postići bolji tonus kože

Along with vitamin C, peptides are one of the biggest trends in the development of preparative cosmetics. How did they conquer cosmetics lovers around the world, what are they used for and why should they be included in your skin care routine? Read below.

Amino acids that make the (obvious) difference

What are peptides? These are groups of amino acids that are also parts of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our body, tissues and skin. Just as a house is made up of bricks and binding materials, the skin is made up of different peptide chains, or proteins. There are hundreds of combinations of amino acids, including peptides. Their valuable task is manifested in the fact that they make and maintain the skin perfectly constructed - taut, taut, uniform in structure and texture.

Activate natural collagen renewal

We owe the beauty and resilience of the skin in youth to the strongest production of collagen at that time. From the thirties onwards and under the influence of external factors and stress, this production slows down a bit, and the amount of this specific protein in the skin begins to decrease. As collagen decreases, the skin becomes thinner, more sensitive , loses elasticity and shows the first signs of aging. Just as peptides build collagen, they also break down collagen. Scientific research has revealed that precisely these amino acid clusters can stimulate the new production of this protein, but also have a positive effect on other important proteins in the skin, such as keratin and elastin. Moreover, studies have confirmed that the same is true for the topical application of peptides to the skin via cosmetic products.

When you apply such a specific preparation, the peptides "send" a message that collagen has been broken down and that the skin needs a new "shipment" of building material. With this completely natural mechanism, it is possible to significantly renew the skin, slow down its premature aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Get to know the most effective types of peptides

When it comes to peptides, the focus is usually on an active substance called Matrixyl.® Developed by Sederma, the specific amino acid formulation has seen two even more famous editions – Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe'6. The results of the Sederma research confirmed their extraordinary effectiveness. Matrixyl 3000 has been proven to "unlock" the renewal of collagen and elastin, thereby reducing the depth and size of wrinkles , as well as the texture of the skin, which becomes more supple, firmer and smoother to the touch. Matrixyl Synthe'6, on the other hand, stimulates new collagen production at several levels, down to the deepest layers of the skin.

It also significantly stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is directly related to the regulation of moisture in the skin. By working together on specific renewal mechanisms, these peptides contribute multiple times to a younger, fuller, healthier appearance of the skin, including mature skin with visible signs of aging. Peptide serum P contains a total of 5% Matrixyl 3000 and M atrixyl Synthe'6 complex, which is also the recommended concentration by the raw material manufacturer.

You can find Olival Peptide Serum P, the first Croatian preparative cosmetic product with a combination of Matrixyl peptides, in the Olival web store 

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