GUIDE: How to use Fenugreek and Rosemary lotion against hair loss

VODIČ: Kako koristiti Piskavica i ružmarin losion protiv opadanja kose

Scalp treatment that reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth is increasingly in focus. At the same time, plants such as fenugreek and rosemary are inviolable in such treatments. In addition to being a real gift from nature, they are effective, bring the desired effects and in most cases suit the skin of the scalp. Find out below how to use Fenugreek and rosemary lotion for the best results!

How exactly do these natural ingredients "work".

Fenugreek is one of the herbs traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese care practices both internally and externally. Although the leaves themselves are useful and even in India and Africa they are used as a food supplement and spice, they are usually used in cosmetic preparations in the form of seeds or powder with a specific sweet-nut smell.

Although the mechanism of action on the hair has not been fully defined, it is believed to contribute to blood circulation and nutritional enrichment of the scalp, which is crucial in stimulating growth. Some studies have shown that certain phyto-compounds in fenugreek slow down the action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone, the androgenic sex hormone) that causes hair loss. [1]

Rosemary essential oil works on a very similar principle. First of all, it stimulates vasodilatation and therefore excellently stimulates microcirculation of the scalp and better flow of nutrients. Certain studies have also shown activity as a DHT-blocker. In addition, the results of one test showed that rosemary essential oil was equally and even more effective compared to the well-known preparation against hair loss. [2]

More is not better - less is more

In the hope that the results will be reached faster and that they will be more noticeable, very often there is an excessive use of an ingredient or a product. However, patience is absolutely key, as is consistency in use. Using the lotion every day or "keeping" it on the scalp all day and night, even for days may, technically speaking, work for someone. But treatment products like this are meant to be used – for treatment. Due to the very activity of the ingredients, it is good to concentrate on only one lotion, and introduce any other active ingredients into the routine through packs, shampoos and the like.

From a DIY project to a serious cosmetic product

The question is often asked whether such a lotion can be made at home. It can, of course, but it involves frequent procurement and boiling of fenugreek and rosemary seeds. It is also important to take care of the microbiological correctness of the product. A very high percentage of water (base) in a preservative-free product means that microbes will start forming in it very quickly. We definitely don't want that on our skin.

In addition, the extraction method is extremely important. By boiling, many valuable nutrients are lost, while processing in a dedicated machine in the production of cosmetics - an extractor - preserves all the benefits of the ingredients, and extracts much more precisely. And we repeat, less is more, so more rosemary or more essential oil (or directly applying pure essential oil to the scalp) will not bring the results we want, but probably only irritation.

The lotion is used before washing the hair

Fenugreek and rosemary lotion against hair loss was created to combine all the benefits of both plant species in one product with carefully measured concentrations.

The base of the product is nourishing because it contains both panthenol and glycerin that hydrate and soothe the scalp and promote renewal. The product does not contain drying alcohol, added fragrances and dyes, and smells like the ingredients themselves - dominantly herbal, like rosemary. The lotion is completely liquid since the consistency is adapted to absorption into the scalp.

It is recommended to use the lotion as a treatment before washing your hair. It is applied with the applicator directly to the dry scalp and then massaged. It is ideal to massage the scalp for at least a few minutes, with fingers or dedicated head massagers. It is enough to keep the lotion on the hair from half an hour to several hours before washing in order to achieve long-term results. However, we do not recommend using it overnight, for several reasons:

  • and the scalp is skin, and the skin's needs change. At some point, it can be more sensitive, so long-term use of this treatment product can cause irritation
  • the very tolerability of the product also depends on other products in the routine. More product means more potential for irritation or over-stimulation of the scalp
  • rosemary and fenugreek act on the principle of vasodilatation, i.e. blood supply to the scalp. Less is more, a shorter holding time will help prevent the scalp from being overstimulated

It is important to note that the lotion is not intended for use on damaged, sensitive or children's scalp, and is also not a substitute for medical preparations, in case they are needed. Since fenugreek and rosemary extracts alone can darken fair hair, caution is required. Several factors affect whether the hair will darken, such as hair coloring and bleaching, porosity, degree of damage, frequency of using lotions, and the like. So far, there have been no such experiences, but the note still exists as a precaution.

What after applying the lotion

You often ask us what to do if the scalp is "dirty" or another product has been applied to it. It is very individual, and you can best judge yourself whether the condition of the scalp will affect the absorption of the lotion. If, for example, you wore a slick bun the day before and used a lot of foam and varnish, it is still better to skip using lotion for another day. And to reiterate, since this is a treatment product, it is not recommended to be used at the same time as other scalp products.

The lotion is not intended for hair care, it is not a substitute for shampoo, conditioner or mask. After it is applied and kept for the recommended time, the hair should be washed with shampoo and, if desired and necessary, apply care for the length of the hair itself. Nettle and Peppermint Shampoo or Castor Shampoo can be chosen to stimulate hair growth. In order to protect the ends from breakage and to restore their shine, you can apply Amla oil or Argan Macadamia hair oil .

For shiny, thick and strong hair, it is important to take care of other habits which, unfortunately, gradually damage it. Perhaps the new year is the time to leave the hair to its natural color and curls, and to focus the styling on techniques without the use of heat.


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