How to stimulate hair growth (and which products to use)

Kako potaknuti rast kose (i koje proizvode koristiti)

Autumn has arrived, the period in which most of us notice increased hair loss. Fall or seasonal hair loss should not cause concern even though more hairs are lost than the normal daily average of up to 100 hairs per day. Increased shedding lasts from four to eight weeks, and the cause is hidden in the summer months, when our hair grows more intensively due to protection from UV rays.

Track changes and react in time

If you notice that increased hair loss lasts longer than eight weeks, the cause may be hidden in some other reason. Thus, the cause of hair loss can be genetics, stress, improper diet, lack of vitamins, hormonal disorders or some other pattern of a health nature. This is why, first of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Olival natural shampoos

Each hair has its own life cycle. The first phase lasts from two to five years and in that phase the hair grows continuously and regularly, ie the hair is "active". In the second phase, the hair separates from the root and thus dies, but remains in the follicle and waits for new hair to emerge. The hair remains in the follicle in the third phase and waits for shedding until the root of the new hair grows stronger. When the root of the new hair becomes strong enough in the last stage, the old hair falls out and the new hair emerges on the surface. The number of hairs on the scalp depends on the number of follicles, and that number is predetermined. This means that the number of follicles or the number of hairs cannot be increased. However, hairs can be stimulated to grow faster.

Don't forget to relax

Hair needs food in order to grow and develop, and proper nutrition can stimulate hair growth. We know that you probably hear this very often, but for healthy hair, it is necessary to enter a sufficient amount of water into the body, but also to follow a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. Also, hair growth can be stimulated by changing lifestyle habits and introducing some form of exercise or other hobbies that help relieve stress into your everyday life.

Amla oil

Properly care for your hair from the follicle to the ends

Proper hair care can also greatly affect growth and prevent hair damage and breakage. Be careful not to comb your hair while it is wet or insufficiently dried, as this leads to easier tearing of the hair , and sometimes it can be a painful experience for your scalp. One of the mistakes is to go to sleep with wet hair, because this leads to hair breakage. In addition, the natural oils absorbed by the pillowcase are lost, which leads to dehydration of the hair. To prevent the aforementioned damage, it is recommended to tie your hair in a braid before going to bed or wear a silk cap. When drying and styling your hair, always apply a product to protect your hair from high temperatures.

Fenugreek + massage = results

Hair growth can be influenced by products that stimulate microcirculation. Fenugreek and Rosemary Lotion Against Hair Loss brings a synergistic combination of extracts that help stimulate faster growth. It is applied to the dry scalp with an applicator and then massaged into the scalp with light movements - the longer the better! Massaging the scalp stimulates microcirculation (blood flow), which brings more oxygen to the hair roots. The lotion should be left on for at least half an hour and then rinsed off and washed as usual.

And (regular) hair washing is important

In order for the care to be adequate, it is necessary to adapt the shampoo to the condition and type of hair . If you have oily hair, Nettle and Peppermint shampoo is for you, Burdock shampoo for dry hair, while Castor shampoo is intended for thin hair. Treatment shampoos do not contain SLS but a gentler alternative SLES. If you still prefer sulfate-free shampoos in general, your choice is natural shampoos with surfactants derived from coconut. Natural shampoos for oily hair are Rosemary and Lemon , for dry and damaged hair Mint and Lavender , and for daily hair washing, try the minimalistic Sensitive natural shampoo.

Castor and nettle shampoo

Longer hair with natural oil

You can round off your hair care with an oil pack. Pre-wahs treatment is a home treatment for deep hair care with the help of nutritional values ​​of oil. You apply the oil to dry hair before washing, and you can leave it on overnight, but then you need to wrap your hair in a turban or, even better, a warm towel. Treatment restores elasticity and shine to hair, and for dry hair you can try Amla Hair Oil .

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