How to maintain a well-groomed appearance (and growth) of hair in the summer + ROUTINE

Kako održati njegovan izgled (i tempo rasta) kose ljeti + RUTINA

After all the previous months we successfully recover our hair and enjoy its fullness and vibrancy, with the arrival of summer we often fail the haircare exam. For this very reason, we will repeat the key tips for care, tricks and products in the routine that are inevitable if we want to maintain the pace of hair growth and a well-groomed appearance in the hottest months.

Cut the ends short before going to the beach

We usually go to our favorite hairdresser after the summer vacation, but sometimes it's good to book an appointment before. If you notice that the ends of your hair are already split and worn out, cut your hair a few centimeters before going to a seaside destination. The hair will tangle less and thus be less damaged.

Castor oil shampoo

Wash your hair when you need to, not when Tik Tok tells you to

Advice on getting your hair and scalp used to not washing or going long between washes is common – and extremely damaging to the microbiome of the scalp. Our scalp is actually an extension of the face, that is, the skin. We wash our face at least twice a day, in the summer we wash it a little more often. Why should the scalp in that case "get used to" washing it, for example, once a week? Our scalp sweats, natural fat is secreted, which then oxidizes. In combination with moisture, a complicated set of conditions for the occurrence of itching and dandruff, hair loss and other unpleasant side effects of skin microbiome imbalance is created . Hair needs to be washed depending on how greasy the scalp is. If the daydreaming is extremely strong, it can be every day, there is no obstacle to it.

Wash your hair after the sea every time

Maybe salt water gives that unstressed look of messy curls and waves, but it really dries out the scalp and hair. The same applies to swimming in the pool, i.e. chlorinated water, which, in addition to affecting the shine of the hair, can also affect the color itself. In order to avoid hair drying and breakage, dryness and lack of elasticity, make it a habit to at least wash your hair after bathing, and ideally wash it in a standard routine, with oil for the ends after drying.

Coconut castor oil for hair

Avoid heat, but not a hair dryer

Figaro, hair iron and other tools should be stored in a drawer for colder days and occasional occasions. However, a hair dryer is still necessary. After washing, it is good to dry the hair, at least at the roots. Leaving the scalp wet and damp for too long can cause dandruff and create a suitable "ground" for the development of unwanted "inhabitants" of our scalp. Drying can certainly be switched on at a lower heat level, and when drying, the dryer should be moved at least 20 cm away.

Protect hair and scalp from the sun

It is known that UV radiation affects the skin, but it is less known that it also has a negative effect on the hair. Apart from the fact that the scalp itself can burn in the sun, the same sun rays "burn" the hair, can fade it and damage its natural shine. Try to apply a product such as Sun Hair Hair Spray to the length of your hair, and then braid it. Always try to physically protect your scalp with a scarf or a high-brimmed hat.

Fenugreek and rosemary lotion against hair loss

Create a sustainable and smartly arranged care routine

You must have received information about the great fenugreek and fragrant rosemary for hair growth, as well as amla for hair care and achieving softness and shine. But what is the best way to arrange all these products in a specific schedule? We have a suggestion for you.

  1. WASHING DAY: Apply Fenugreek and Rosemary Lotion and massage the head. Apply Amla Hair Oil to the remaining length of hair. Braid or put your hair up in a bun. After an hour or two, wash your hair with Castor Oil Shampoo. After drying, apply a drop or two of Argan Macadamia Hair Oil.
  1. WASHING DAY: Apply fenugreek and rosemary lotion to the scalp and massage the head. Apply Coconut and Castor Oil to the remaining length of hair. Re-braid it or put it in a bun. After an hour or two, wash your hair with Castor Oil Shampoo. After drying, apply a drop or two of Amla  Hair Oil.
  1. WASHING DAY: Apply Rosemary Clove Scalp Oil to the scalp and massage the scalp well. Apply Amla oil to the length of your hair. After standing, wash your hair with Ricinus shampoo. Apply SILK ON Silicone Serum to dry hair.
  1. TWICE A MONTH: Wet your scalp with water, apply Microexfoliant in your palms and make a paste with water. Massage the paste into the scalp, then rinse. Continue shampooing with Castor Oil Shampoo, rinse. After drying, apply a drop or two of Argan macadamia oil.

Note: this is a suggestion of a routine, i.e. rotating products in a routine. It can be individually adapted through additional steps or other products.

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