Amla oil - how to stimulate hair strengthening and faster growth

Amla ulje – kako potaknuti jačanje kose i brži rast

In recent years, hair care has been in focus more than ever. Fenugreek, castor oil, rosemary, thistle have become key terms for hair recovery, hair strengthening, faster growth and the so-called hair wellness . However, among this valuable plant wealth, there are still somewhat undiscovered treasures hidden. One of them is definitely amla oil whose time is yet to come.

What is amla and how is it obtained?

Amla oil is obtained from the fruit of the amla plant, also known by the name Indian Gooseberry , or Indian gooseberry. This deciduous tree is most commonly found in India and Asia. The shape of the amla fruit resembles a slightly larger and rounder grape . It is yellow-green in color, sometimes dotted with lighter "capillaries".


The oil itself is obtained by processing fresh or dried fruit, and can be used in the form of oil or powder. Amla is extremely valued in Ayurvedic medicine, as part of traditional practices for achieving balance in the body. Among other things, amla is rich in tannins and abundant in vitamins C and E, and it also has an antioxidant effect. In addition to medicine, it is also used in nutrition and supplementation, but also in cosmetics, where it has found its place precisely in hair care.

Due to its high price, but mostly concentration, it is important to note that the oil is most often used like essential oils - mixed into a base oil or a mixture of the same .

Pakung or care after washing

The study showed that amla acts as an effective inhibitor of 5a-reductase, that is, a blocker of dihydrotestosterone , which helps to slow down hair loss and stimulate growth . [1] In addition, the oil has a specific effect that helps soothe the appearance of dandruff or scalp itching. [2]

Amla hair oil

Nourishing Amla Hair Oil is a combination of valuable base oils and amla oil, while also being enriched with vitamin E. It is intended for the care of weakened and dry hair. It helps restore the strength and elasticity of the hair and restores softness and shine. It can be used as a pack before washing hair or for care and protection of the ends of washed hair. If it is used as a pack before washing, it should be applied to dry hair (and, if desired, the scalp). The oil should be left to act for half an hour to an hour (if it is applied only to the length, it can be left overnight). Castor Oil Shampoo can be used to strengthen hair growth, while shampoos with minimalist formulations such as Natural Shampoo Sensitive  are recommended for more sensitive scalps.

In case it is used as a care for hair length after washing, it is enough to apply it to dry hair in the last step of styling. Amla Hair Oil does not contain silicones, and it can also be used to break the so-called casta gel or mousse on curly hair. 


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