Top 5 tricks for lush, healthy and shiny hair

Top 5 trikova za bujnu, zdravu i sjajnu kosu

Hair frames the face and reveals the secret of good health. It attracts attention, and often it is the crown of our fashion statement. That's why it's good to think about whether you're providing her with everything she needs. You'll see, just one extra step (or product) is enough to make your entire length shine.

1. Choose shampoo according to hair type and scalp condition

Just like in the case of face and body skin, hair and scalp also vary from person to person. Some qualities, such as the number of hairs on our heads, are genetically determined. Others depend on the season, our habits and lifestyle . It is important that you recognize the needs of your hair (dry, porous, normal) and scalp (oily, dry, sensitive) in time and accordingly choose perhaps the most important product in your hair routine – shampoo.

Since in the further steps of such care, attention is paid to conditioners, masks, oils and other preparations, we advise that when choosing a shampoo, you should primarily be guided by the condition of your scalp . If it is oily and occasionally burdened with dandruff, wash your hair with a mild shampoo enriched with natural active ingredients . Rosemary and lemon essential oils, for example, effectively reduce hair greasiness and the appearance of dandruff , soothe the scalp and stimulate its regeneration.

On the other hand, the mint and lavender in the natural shampoo of the same name restore balance to dry, irritated scalp, and bring natural shine and softness to the hair. For sensitive scalps, it is especially good to choose a shampoo that does not contain SLS (a foaming substance that dries out the skin and hair), but neither artificial colors, fragrances, nor silicones.

2. Style the hairstyle with products as natural as possible

We often take hair for granted. Although we know in theory that it would be best to air dry it and shape it exclusively with our hands, we still dry it, iron it, curl it and style it in countless potentially harmful ways.

However, you can prevent possible damage, such as hair breakage. When using an iron or a figaro, wait until it is completely dry and protect it from heat with dedicated products. Also, although it is not alive by itself, hair remembers every preparation you use to shape it. Those made on a natural basis are definitely easier to wash off, will not burden the scalp , and at the same time care for the hair.

3. Give your hair extra care

During the working week, you definitely want a break. Let it be a time dedicated to a little deeper hair care. For example, the benefits of natural oils have long been known, and it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your hair's needs. As a one-hour pack or even overnight, you can apply various oils , such as avocado, almond or walnut, while thistle or castor oil will speed up the growth cycle of young, healthy hair . Best of all, you can use them to treat your eyelashes too.

4. Be gentle with your hair (during the day and before bed)

In addition to the influence of heat, hair also breaks under strong hair elastics, too strong tying, but also with too frequent or aggressive hair coloring. Therefore, use rubber bands made exclusively of elastic material, wear your hair tied in a ponytail as little as possible, and do not change the color yourself. If you have long hair, brush it before going to bed and braid it in a loose braid . This will prevent excessive rubbing of the hair against the surface of the pillowcase, which causes it to lose moisture and become rough.

5. Leave the haircut to the experts

Another myth in the beauty world is that haircuts stimulate hair growth. No additional follicles will be created on your head, regardless of the number of centimeters cut off . There is no evidence that the hair will grow faster in its length. However, it is certain that you will be more satisfied with your hairstyle and the appearance of your hair if you leave it in the hands of hairdressers who know what they are doing. With good products, hair growth, fullness and shine are the result of healthy habits . Achieve them by drinking enough water and eating nutritious foods, from spinach and eggs to nuts and citrus fruits.


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