How to recover your hair after a summer vacation

Kako oporaviti kosu nakon ljetovanja

During the summer months, it is easy to neglect proper hair care. Bathing, sunbathing and a general feeling of carelessness influence the rapid forgetting of the correct treatment of the scalp and split ends. After enjoying the sun, the salty sea, the river or the pool, it is best to start hair care with the right choice of shampoo. Dry ends, a straw-like feeling under the fingertips and frequent oiliness of the scalp due to increased sweating are concerns that we postpone or don't even notice while we are on vacation.

Start with shampoo

Due to the daily effects of UV rays and salt water or chlorine, many people decide to give their hair natural care after summer in order to avoid potentially irritating and additionally drying ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS). When choosing natural shampoos that do not contain SLS, parabens or silicones, it is important to keep in mind the condition of your scalp and the purpose of a particular shampoo. Natural Sensitive Shampoo is adapted to sensitive scalp and is beneficial enough for daily use, which makes it an excellent choice throughout the summer period. For dry and damaged hair, it is a good idea to choose Natural Mint and Lavender Shampoo due to the regenerating properties of essential oils, which make a significant difference in the softness and shine of the hair. For those with an oilier scalp, an ingredient such as lemon essential oil, which has an antiseptic effect and suppresses sebum secretion, will suit you. In addition, the Natural Rosemary and Lemon Shampoo does not weigh down the hair and contributes to the natural volume of the hair, while rosemary essential oil additionally soothes the scalp.

Natural shampoos

In specific situations - when hair falls out, split ends, but also when dry dandruff appears, it is good to use a treatment shampoo! Burdock extract traditionally belongs to treatment care and gently treats the scalp and restores balance. Burdock Shampoo has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect with substances such as inulin, essential oil and tannin. The addition of panthenol affects the renewal of the scalp and stimulates the growth of young hair.

Treat your hair with oils 

In addition to washing your hair, which is often considered the most important part of hair care, don't forget the benefits of hair oils. Establishing a routine with hair oils is a bit more complicated, but definitely recommended during and after summer. For in-depth care, we always recommend a hair pack, at least once a week, in order to thoroughly nourish and hydrate the split ends. We have described how to make pre-wash treatment here , and of course you can apply different oils in various other ways. You can apply them to dry hair before or after washing and drying, as well as to wet but slightly dried hair (free from styling products). Keeping the oil on the hair longer will contribute to the product's effectiveness, but you should avoid applying the oil to the scalp in case of an oily scalp. If this cannot be avoided, we definitely recommend a shorter treatment  of ten minutes instead of an all-night one.

When choosing an oil, be guided by the texture but also by the functionality of the products themselves. Burdock oil will perfectly complement the aforementioned treatment Thistle shampoo in preventing hair loss. If you are among those who find it difficult to forget the smell of summer, there is coconut and castor oil enriched with vitamins A and E, which will strengthen your hair and restore its shine. For damaged and dry hair that has been exposed to the sun and sea water for a long time, choose amla oil to deeply regenerate it and restore its fullness. Before exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, especially on the beach, it is always good to have Sun Hair oil hair spray in your bag. Those who are already preparing for autumn will be interested in walnut oil , which suits dark hair and restores its pigment and shine, or cold-pressed argan oil . It is good to know that most of these oils can also be used for the care of the skin of the body, nails and cuticles!

Air dry your hair but not the scalp 

The tips that you should additionally adopt in order to preserve the softness and shine of your hair for a long time, apart from using adequate shampoos and oils, are very simple. Hair should not be completely air-dried, as this can encourage increased greasiness of the scalp in the long run. It should be dried on the scalp and, if it is long enough, tied in a loose braid that will preserve the shape of the hair and the hair from breaking. A very important step in maintaining hair health, which is often forgotten, is regularly changing pillowcases. Pillowcases made of materials such as satin and silk preserve the shine and softness of the hair and do not cause additional damage to its ends. 

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