How to use natural oils for pre-wash treatment

Kako od prirodnih ulja napraviti pakung za kosu

Whether it's straight, curly, long or short, every hair cries out for occasional care that includes more than just shampoo. The oil pre-wash treatment is an ideal way to restore moisture, suppleness and shine to your hair, and for that you will only need some time and nutritious, natural vegetable oils.

We know what a mask is, what an oil is, but what does pre-wash treatment represent? It is actually a kind of deep care home treatment with the help of valuable nutritional properties of the oil. In addition to often being the most economical option, oils not only smooth the surface of the hair, but penetrate the hair shaft, nourish it from the inside and help retain moisture. They protect the hair, make it more resistant to breakage and external influences, but also facilitate styling . Also, such care does not contain parabens, silicones and other ingredients that can harm the hair in the long term.

It can be used on both dry and wet hair

One of the main concerns is whether to apply oils to dry or wet hair. The answer is - it can do both! If you plan to leave it overnight, and your hair is not full of styling products, feel free to apply the oil to dry hair and wrap it in a turban . If you have used foam, varnish, wax, and you intend to keep the pre-wash treatment on your head for a short time, wash your hair lightly first to free it of impurities and prepare it for oil absorption.

You can apply the oil pack before, but also during washing - by mixing your favorite oils into your favorite conditioner or hair mask, and then letting it sit on your hair before rinsing. A light oil treatment can also be used on freshly washed hair, if the oil is applied to the length of the tips from the ear onwards and gently "combed" with your fingers towards the ends.

The longer you hold, the better

There are many advantages of oils in hair care, and one of them is precisely that you can use them in several ways, that is, as it suits you at that moment. You can apply the oil to dry hair if sleeping with a scarf on your head and washing your hair in the morning are not a problem. If, on the other hand, you have a little less time, you will wet your hair and keep the oils a little shorter in order to nourish it. When you're in a pinch, a compromise solution is home-made or store-bought masks to which you can add oil as desired, but also daily maintenance with a little oil for hair care and shine. In addition to oils, it is not out of place to learn about the benefits of using natural shampoos in further care and to choose complementary products that will not dry out freshly nourished hair.

 Burdock for dandruff, castor for growth

Maybe you already have some of the oils used for pre-wash treatment at home. Olive and coconut oil are good examples and really widely available options. However, as with skin care, there are oils that are more suitable for certain hair types and their needs.

Avocado oil is so great for restoring softness and shine, especially for long hair. Burdock oil , especially in combination with Burdock shampoo, is a proven recipe for dealing with dry dandruff, and its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action will also help with extremely dry scalp skin. For fast hair growth, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows, choose thick, rich castor oil. For very long or curly hair that tangles easily, Coconut Castor oil will be a better choice since it is easier to apply to the scalp and the entire length. You will prevent hair breakage with a rich package of Argan oil , and restore volume to dark hair with the help of the walnut oil version. 

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