Going skiing? These products will protect your face, hands and lips

Idete na skijanje? Ovi će vam proizvodi zaštititi lice, ruke i usne

For skiing, you first pack warm clothes and reliable ski equipment. Do not forget that you will spend most of the winter day outdoors, which is why you must also protect your skin from the effects of icy wind, low temperatures and sunlight .

In order to keep it healthy, inside and out, and conquer the ski slopes without worry, we have prepared a list of essential Olival products for your cosmetic bag.

Protect your face from minus and wind

When winter shows its teeth, our cheeks, nose and forehead are definitely the first to feel them. As the usual facial care steps are often not enough on the minus side, we suggest that you step up your care in the evening, when you are preparing for vacation.

The thick, nourishing texture of Olival Extra Rich Cream Immortelle will complete the night care. Olive, sesame and apricot oils will restore elasticity and shine to the skin, while essential oil of immortelle, chamomile and aloe vera will stimulate its renewal during sleep .

Protect yourself from the sun's rays

The sun is our body's friend, especially in winter. But the whiteness of the snow reflects and enhances the effect of the air on the cells of the exposed skin. Olive oil, cocoa butter and beeswax in Sun Stick will create a nourishing layer on your face , and the SPF factor 50 will provide strong protection against burns. Olival SunStick is practical because it fits in every pocket, so it is at your disposal throughout the day , without the risk of spilling on your clothes.

Have rich care at hand

Hands, fingers and nails are usually protected by gloves, but you should have an ace up your sleeve for them too. Along with the usual hand cream, bring Olival Concentrate for Hands and Nails with Calendula. The slow-absorbing formula will nourish dry and cracked problem areas overnight, such as the skin on the knuckles and cuticles . Protect especially sensitive children's skin or skin prone to dryness with the help of Olival Hemp Balm.

Winter kisses can be softer

The skin of our lips is several times thinner than that of the rest of the face. Lips chapped by cold and wind are extremely painful and sensitive to the touch, so they need strong protection and deep care. This ski season, try the Olival Marigold Balm, which nourishes the lips and protects them from drying out 

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