Join us at the Olival x BIPA rosacea consultation

Pridruži nam se u Olival x BIPA savjetovalištu za rozaceju

How many people around you suffer from rosacea? How many of them do not have an official confirmation of the diagnosis, but notice the characteristic redness, pimples, irregularities, burning and sensitivity? And the official numbers of patients are increasing - it is estimated that around 415 million people worldwide suffer from rosacea. [1]

Learn to live in all shades of pink

It is a chronic, progressive disease of the skin of the face, the appearance of which is influenced by stress, lifestyle habits and external factors. Although rosacea cannot be cured, the condition can very well be kept under control. This fact, along with the increasingly frequent personal experiences that you share with us every day, encouraged us to take another action. In cooperation with BIPA Hrvatska, we launched the "Learn to live in all shades of pink" campaign.

Join us at the Olival x BIPA counseling center on April 10. and 11.4. from 16:00 to 20:00 in the BIPA Backstage area, at Ilica 42 in Zagreb . Through 1-on-1 conversations with our experts that we gathered especially for this occasion, you will be able to find out everything you are interested in about soothing the symptoms of rosacea, the psychological aspect of this diagnosis, suggestions for suitable methods of training, nutrition and of course, daily skin care and choosing the ideal products. Admission is free, without appointment reservations, and in addition to plenty of information and advice, special benefits await you when you buy Olival Professional products (exclusively in the specified store during the campaign).

Learn to live in all shades of pink 1

At the BIPA Backstage, assistants are waiting for you. Ph.D.Sc. Iva Blajić, MD. specialist derm., Sandra Đurijanček, mag. psych., Sanja Žuljević, mag. rank. and Sara Jerman, brand manager of Olival.

On this occasion, the well-known dermatologist Blajić points out: "In my work, I meet patients who suspect rosacea every day, but also those who come for completely different ailments, and leave with a diagnosis of rosacea. Once it is there, it is crucial to learn to live with it, just as the name of the campaign says. Although it is important to emphasize that the consultation does not replace a classic dermatological examination and potential therapy if needed, we will use this consultation to share with visitors the most practical recommendations and professional guidelines."

In addition to the consultation with a dermatologist who will share expert information and recommendations with you, through the campaign we want to emphasize the necessary comprehensive approach to the treatment of rosacea. Psychological and nutritional-physical aspects are equally important for long-term success, just like professional guidance from a dermatologist and selection of cosmetic products.

Support from experts, but also from relatives

Psychologist Đurijanček knows that people with rosacea carry a much heavier burden than what is visible to the eye. He emphasizes: "The key is to first accept the situation and work on changing the attitude towards rosacea. Any form of education about the condition and understanding the symptoms with the help of experts can help reduce excessive worry. It takes time to introduce certain habits as well as good tools that will serve as reminders. However, most of all, the patience required by the treatment process as well as the quality guidance of experts is needed. In addition to experts, the support of close people who can be there when it becomes challenging is also crucial."

Master of kinesiology Sanja Žuljević is a trainer known to everyone from the small screen, and she joins our team to enrich the consultation with her experience in the science of physical movement and nutrition. They will share with you many useful tips that you can easily apply every day to feel better and at the same time keep the symptoms of rosacea under control.

Learn to live in all shades of pink 2

We give back to the community with concrete knowledge

As a company present on the market for 30 years, we pay great attention to socially responsible business. Over the years, Olival has provided scholarships to students in deficit professions in the cosmetics industry through the "Your knowledge, our future" Foundation. In cooperation with the association RokOtok and dm, we launched a project aimed at preserving the biological world with a special focus on the education of the youngest. We also focused on the burning problem of homelessness in Croatia and for two years in a row provided donations for basic hygiene needs and easier wintering, in cooperation with the Croatian Network for the Homeless. This year we are devoting ourselves to a growing problem in our world - the world of skin care. Rosacea is no longer a specter and we will prove it.


[1] "New Study Finds 415 Million People May Suffer From Rosacea Worldwide". National Rosacea Society, 2018. %20proportion%20with%20rosacea%20in,to%20414%2C960%2C000%20rosacea%20sufferers%20worldwide , accessed 4/3/2024. 

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