Amino Activator CM: The cream for sensitive and demanding skin

Amino aktivator CM: krema koja će zadovoljiti potrebe osjetljive i zahtjevne kože

The occurrence of sensitive skin prone to redness, weakened barrier function and strong reactions is more and more common. The fundamental balance of the skin is the key to the satisfaction and comfort of each of us, but also a base for the introduction of any stronger active ingredients into the routine. We took all this into account and, as always, got down to business - research and development. Approximately 500 days later, we present to you the result of our efforts and a solution that will help balance demanding skin. Amino Activator CM has arrived.

Amino aktivator CM

Gentle cream with powerful performance

This concentrated treatment cream is based on a series of highly innovative active ingredients with proven effectiveness. It has a light, white, fast-absorbing and gentle texture that visibly soothes sensitive skin. It provides a prolonged effect of hydration and mitigates the influence of external factors. With long-term use, it helps alleviate symptoms associated with skin reactivity, such as itching and redness.

Key ingredients are 2% amino acid complex, CM-Naringenin Chalcone, 2.5% azeloglycine, milk thistle extract, polyglutamic acid, betaine and panthenol.

The amino acid blend helps restore elasticity and supports the skin's natural resistance, while CM-Naringenin-Chalcone and azeloglycine help alleviate reactivity and provide balance to skin exposed to stress. Amino Activator CM is also rich in milk thistle extract and panthenol that stimulate renewal, while betaine and polyglutamic acid provide the necessary daily dose of hydration.

Amino acids hydrate and soothe, CM-Naringenin Chalcone alleviates reactivity

Amino Activator CM owes the first part of its name to amino acids. It is a high-value blend of non-essential and essential amino acids that are an important part of the natural functions of our skin, primarily moisturizing and maintaining hydration levels. These are NMF, i.e. natural moisturizing factors, which include sodium PCA. This series of amino acids provides a whole range of important effects on the skin, from deep hydration, soothing to strengthening resistance and restoring the barrier.

Carboxy-Methyl (CM)-Naringenin-Chalcone is an active ingredient derived from a natural polyphenol ( naringenin chalcone ) that can be found in the peel of citrus fruits or tomatoes. It is a newer, innovative molecule with a strong anti-inflammatory effect, intended for targeted skin care with rosacea or generally sensitive skin prone to itching and redness. This active ingredient brings multiple proven effects. First of all, it significantly reduces the inflammatory response of the skin by reducing the appearance of the antimicrobial peptide cathelicidin LL37 in our body. Namely, in normal, balanced skin, the levels of this peptide are very low, while in skin with rosacea, the levels of cathelicidin LL37 are extremely high.

This peptide is one of the primary mechanisms of a kind of skin defense against stressors. However, in addition to signaling possible microbial activity in the skin and thereby "telling" it that it must defend itself, this peptide also stimulates the appearance of pro-inflammatory (inflammatory) substances such as cytokines and chemokines. This actually maintains the continuous inflammatory state characteristic of rosacea. By reducing the levels of cathelicinin LL37, CM-Naringenin Chalcone alleviates chronic skin inflammation. In addition, it significantly reduces capillary redness, protects and soothes stressed skin, and provides a sense of relief for itchy or irritated skin.

"Amino Activator CM is an excellent and innovative treatment cream that, through the synergy of all ingredients, provides this skin condition with exactly what it needs - it immediately soothes and extremely hydrates, and with longer use it increases resistance to adverse environmental effects." - dr. Iva Dediol, our well-known dermatologist pointed out during the launch of our new product.

One of the cult actives in the care of sensitive skin

Azeloglycin is an innovative derivative of azelaic acid that is more tolerable on the skin compared to classic azelaic acid - and that is why it is highly valued in supportive skin care with rosacea and acne. Also, it is more compatible with many other ingredients and products. It provides a very wide range of valuable effects, from the effect on acne with an antimicrobial property and balancing sebum to strongly soothing the erythema characteristic of chronic skin conditions such as rosacea. The presence of glycine provides a deep moisturizing effect and strengthens the natural barrier function, which is essential for the balance of the skin.

Amino aktivator CM tekstura

Formulation rounded off with milk thistle extract and humectants

Milk thistle extract has been known for centuries as a dietary supplement due to the active component called silymarin, but it also has exceptional benefits in skin care. First of all, it is a powerful antioxidant. It works against the negative effects of external stressors of the skin, which is the action of free radicals, and thus damage to the skin at the cellular level (UV radiation, impurities). Research shows that it also has an anti-glycation effect, which means that it prevents the reaction of sugar with the building proteins of the skin, and thus the premature aging of the skin associated with an inadequate diet or the intake of foods rich in sugar.

Amino Activator CM also contains valuable humectants such as polyglutamic acid, betaine and panthenol, which bring the necessary moisture, soothe the skin, protect it, provide softness and contribute to elasticity.

The cream does not contain ingredients of animal origin, and there are no added fragrances or dyes. It can be used alone or with Professional serums , in the morning (before SPF), in the evening or as needed. The product is suitable for use during pregnancy and for teenage skin care.

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