FOREVER YOUNG TOUR for 30 years of Olival and 28 years of cooperation with dm

FOREVER YOUNG TOUR za 30 godina Olivala i 28 godina suradnje s dm-om

In 2024, Olival celebrates 30 years of existence, but there is also another extremely important anniversary for us - as many as 28 years or 10228 days of joint cooperation with dm drogerie markt Hrvatska. Olival products were also on the shelves of the first dm store in Croatia, back in 1996 in Dubrava, Zagreb.

Olival and dm drogerie markt Croatia are united by a common strength, which is the power of transformation and an always fresh response to all the challenges that time brings. Regardless of age, both brands radiate youth, freshness and passion just like in the case of the first cream and the first store.

Tour in Zagreb and Velika Gorica

From way back in 1994 until today, we at Olival have been driven by the same passion for creating quality cosmetic products, but also a great desire to bring the slightly complicated world of cosmetics as close as possible to customers and users. It is less known that Olival is the first Croatian brand of preparative cosmetics that provided continuous, comprehensive online consultations and started to help users put together skin and hair care routines. Socially responsible business is at our core, and we use every opportunity to give back to the community through professional education. This time it will be live, because in cooperation with dm we created the FOREVER YOUNG TOUR around Zagreb and Velika Gorica.

During two Fridays and two Saturdays at various locations, our mobile Wellness Crew will offer expert 1-on-1 consultations with a dermatologist and a nutritionist, as well as individual recommendations for skin and hair care routines through conversations with our expert advisors. Delicious healthy dmBio and Bite Me Nutrition snacks, drinks and the opportunity to win valuable prizes await you.

Our experts are:

Assoc. Ph.D. sc. Iva Blajić MD. special derm.

Nenad Bratković, mag. of nutrition, univ. M.Sc. phytopharmacy and diet therapy, B.Sc. sports nutritionist

Barbara Kolarić, mag. of nutrition and food science

FOREVER YOUNG vehicle and corner will be waiting for you at the following stops of the tour:

  • Friday 10.5. from 3 to 7 p.m., Trg Ivan Kukuljevića, Špansko
  • Saturday 11.5. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., European Square
  • Friday 17.5. from 3 to 7 p.m., Ivan Meštrović Square, Zapruđe
  • Saturday 18.5. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Stjepan Radić Square, Velika Gorica

It is important to note that the activities are completely free and open to everyone without making an appointment.

We are waiting for all your questions about skin and hair care, inside and out

Some of the topics that will be discussed are determining the type and condition of the skin, alleviating the symptoms of rosacea or acne, daily cleaning and moisturizing the skin, choosing the right serum care, regular sun protection, the basics of a balanced and healthy diet, proper supplementation, scalp care and hair, and experts are ready for all your answers and doubts.

We continue to act socially responsible

FOREVER YOUNG TOUR 2024 is a continuation of numerous socially responsible initiatives of which we are extremely proud. In cooperation with dm and the association RokOtok, we launched a project aimed at preserving the biological world with a special focus on the education of the youngest. Through the "Your knowledge - our future" Foundation, we provided scholarships to students in deficit professions in the cosmetics industry. We also focused on the pressing problem of homelessness in Croatia and for two years in a row provided donations for basic hygiene needs and easier wintering, in partnership with the Croatian Network for the Homeless.

This year we devoted ourselves to the growing problem of the incidence of rosacea and opened the first Croatian pop-up counseling center dedicated to this disease. In 2024, we will continue with education and a multidisciplinary approach, and we look forward to everyone who will join us on our journey.


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