Olival celebrated 25 years of work with the foundation of the Student Scholarship Foundation

Olival proslavio 25 godina rada osnutkom Zaklade za stipendiranje učenika

We are marking a quarter of a century behind us in the best possible way. We are returning to the community at least a small part of the support that our business associates, partners, employees and you - the users of Olival cosmetics, without whom our continuous growth would not have been possible, have provided us throughout the years. With the establishment of the Foundation "Your knowledge – our future", dedicated to providing scholarships to students of vocational secondary schools in chemistry, pharmaceutical or food technology, we are taking a small but concrete step in solving pressing issues in our country.

Scholarships for young hopefuls

Financial support through the 2019/2020 school year. Olival wants to provide support to young people at one of the most important milestones in their lives - the period in which they finish their high school education and begin to think more seriously about the future.

Based on the decision of the Foundation Board, and further on the implementation Competition for awarding scholarships of the Foundation "Your knowledge – our future" to students of chemical, pharmaceutical or food technology secondary vocational schools for the 2019/2020 school year. the following candidates were selected as scholarship holders:

Doroteja Arbutina , Medical School Osijek

Luka Kramarić , Viktorovac High School, Sisak

Klara Balog , School of Medicine Osijek

Lara Čobanov , Medical School Šibenik

The scholarship competition of the Foundation "Your knowledge - our future" was held in the period from October 1 to 30, 2019, with the aim of providing support in education to future experts orientations related to the cosmetic industry, professional occupations in general, but also increasing employability in Croatia. Olival celebrated 25 years of work and creation of top-quality natural cosmetics with a Croatian signature by founding the Foundation dedicated to student scholarships.

A sense of progress, self-development, acquisition of relevant knowledge, certain security, and motivation in general are key factors at the beginning of everyone's career, especially if we take into account the fact that students, our young hopes and future employees of Croatian companies, are increasingly becoming part of the emigrant statistics. Our goal is to encourage and strengthen professions that provide basic and key knowledge for quality work in the production processes of the growing and increasingly promising cosmetics industry.


We celebrate by giving back to the community

The first chapter of our story, which began in 1994 with the establishment of Olival doo, symbolically ends again - with the establishment. In the meantime, we grew up, took many steps and gained invaluable experiences along the way. From 1996, when there were only 12 products in Olival's range of cosmetics, through 1999, when we moved into our first premises, in 2011 and the announcement of a gazelle in business by HGK, until our own modern production facility, the introduction of the valuable NATRUE certificate and ECOCERT production standards, at Olival we were constantly learning, always with your support. We want to provide that feeling for the next year, and even longer, to our future scholarship recipients who will be selected according to the criteria of the "Your Knowledge – Our Future" Foundation Student Scholarship Competition in October 2019.

Olival has long since come of age, but his 25th birthday is special for us. The honor of being able to show at least part of the young students in vocational secondary schools related to ours that quality education, proactivity and commitment are highly valued in Croatia is the most beautiful birthday present.

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