Selected scholarship recipients of the Foundation "Your knowledge – our future"

Odabrani stipendisti Zaklade "Vaše znanje - naša budućnost"

On the basis of the decision of the Foundation Board, and in addition to the competition for awarding scholarships of the Foundation "Your knowledge – our future" to students of chemical, pharmaceutical or food technology secondary vocational schools for the school year 2019/2020. the following candidates were selected as scholarship holders:

Doroteja Arbutina , Medical School Osijek

Luka Kramarić , Viktorovac High School, Sisak

Klara Balog , School of Medicine Osijek

Lara Čobanov , Medical School Šibenik

The "Your knowledge - our future" Foundation scholarship competition was held in the period from October 1 to 30, 2019, with the aim of providing educational support to future specialists in fields related to the cosmetic industry, professional occupations in general, but also to increase employability in Croatia . Olival celebrated 25 years of work and creation of top-quality natural cosmetics with a Croatian signature by founding the Foundation dedicated to student scholarships.

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