How to prevent (and alleviate) split ends and hair damage

Kako spriječiti ispucanost i oštećenja kose

It's almost impossible to come across healthy, untreated hair that hasn't gone through a period of experimenting with colors at least once, at least in their teenage days. However, with a little attention, expert hairdresser's hands and these steps, it is possible to have colored and healthy hair, from the scalp to the tips.

Get your hair cut regularly

Although regular monthly visits to your favorite hair salon will unfortunately not help your hair grow faster, it will greatly contribute to its health, fullness, shine and - length. Cracked, unsightly ends of the hair break easily, due to which the hair really becomes coarser and shorter . To avoid dissatisfaction with your hairstyle, stop by every so often for a scissor treatment, and along the way indulge in a beneficial scalp massage.

Choose your shampoo carefully

Although it is only in your hair for a few moments before you wash it out, shampoo is a very important factor in the health and beautiful appearance of your hair. Products full of artificial dyes, parabens, silicones mask damage to the hair, making it harder in the long run, lifeless and without volume. In addition to the appearance of the hair, the composition of the shampoo is also important for the health of the scalp . Shampoos without silicone and SLS are not one of the biggest trends in the world of hair care for nothing. Try them, you will be surprised how much your hair, regardless of whether it is long, short, straight or wavy, will be soft and fluffy, and the scalp healthy and balanced.

Natural mint and lavender shampoo

Be careful with coloring

Hairdressing techniques have greatly advanced, and products intended for coloring have become safer for both hair and the environment. However, procedures such as bleaching continue to be detrimental to the elasticity and structure of the hair. If you dare to go on such an adventure of changing your hair color, give up the risks of doing it at home and leave it to the experts. A good hairdresser will be able to estimate how long it will take you to achieve the desired shade and, more importantly, persuade you to start the process slowly but surely . Instead of coloring yourself, take on the perhaps even more important role of preparing and maintaining hair health. Before and after the actual dyeing, commit to regular application of masks and packs, both purchased and homemade, which will help the hair remain full, firm and elastic.

Introduce oils into your routine

If you decide to make your own masks and packs, be sure to use natural, cold-pressed, organic oils. It is already widely known how valuable oils are in hair care. They contribute to the health of the scalp, prevent irritation and flaking, stimulate hair growth, make hair strong and shiny, nourish dry ends, prevent them from flaking and cracking ... It's a good thing that most oils such as almond, argan, castor and coconut are equally beneficial in hair care, but also skin, so the oil you choose will be multifunctional.

Comb and massage your scalp

As you know, you should invest in hair care, and one of those investments is certainly a good hair brush. Regardless of the material it is made of, the brush must be strong enough, yet gentle on the hair and scalp. In addition to removing the usual daily amount of fallen hair by brushing, the same procedure stimulates the circulation of the scalp, but also evenly distributes the natural fat that protects the hair from drying out. You can also extend your brushing ritual by massaging with natural oils with the addition of rosemary essential oil , which will further blood the follicles and thus strengthen the hair roots.


Coconut castor oil


Take a break from styling tools

Frequent and careless use of a curling or straightening device, a popular hair straightener or iron, can further damage the hair. If you can't "prescribe" her well-deserved rest and drying in the fresh air, without styling, make sure that you curl or straighten her only when she is completely dry and well protected with a heat protection product. Of course, as in everything, be careful when it comes to styling, so try to do it as rarely as possible.

Eat healthy, drink a lot of water

Of course, as in the case of skin, hair is often the result of our choices that are not only about shampoo and conditioner. Everything we eat and drink greatly affects the secretion of fat, the health of the scalp, the shine of the hair, and even its growth. If you want your hair and skin to be a reflection of your inner health, treat them to what they love most - lots of fresh, unprocessed and whole food in the form of vegetables and fruits, enough water and lots of quality sleep.

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