Oils for skin and hair: the benefits of 'richer' care

Ulja za kožu i kosu: Prednosti "bogatije" njege

From skin care to hair protection, oils have been used for cosmetic purposes since ancient times. If you still haven't experienced all their peculiarities and benefits on your own skin, find out why you should.

When we think about oils, the first thing that comes to mind are edible oils, which justifiably have no place in cosmetics. Of course, there are exceptions, primarily olive and coconut oils . However, for most, applying oil to the skin or hair is a somewhat clumsy step of care, which is why it is rarely carried out or, unfortunately, completely avoided.

They care, soothe irritation, improve absorption...

There are several myths related to the use of oils in cosmetics. It is most often heard that oils lubricate the skin. This may or may not be true because the effect depends - on you. It is very important that you carefully assess your skin type and condition . Do this separately for both the face and body, as the skin on different parts of the body can vary greatly. Once you have established the condition of your skin, it will be easier to choose your favorite oil care .

In addition to restoring the necessary moisture and all the nutrients to the skin, oils have an antioxidant effect, slow down the aging process of the skin, create a protective barrier on its surface and stimulate renewal. In addition, they "lock" active ingredients from serums and creams into the skin, promote their better absorption, and thus their effectiveness.

Does each skin and hair type have its own type of oil?

In short, they have! For example, olive oil perfectly nourishes dry, dehydrated , even mature skin. However, in oily skin types (and in larger doses) it can prove to be comedogenic, i.e. clog pores and stimulate the development of acne and comedones. On the other hand, hazelnut, macadamia or evening primrose oils moisturize, nourish and restore oily and combination skin extremely well.

If you want to stimulate hair (and eyelashes) growth, the first choice is castor oil, while avocado or argan oil can be used to care for your hair before washing, but also after drying your hair. There are really many oils, their benefits even more, and it is up to you to find the combinations that suit you.

Sleep for rest, oils for deep care

Why combinations? Oils are often supplemented, and they develop their full potential precisely in synergy with other oils. Magical Body Milk is so rich in hazelnut, wild rose, jojoba, macadamia and argan oils that provide the skin with the necessary care and protection.

Apply at night, be surprised in the morning

Combinations of oils also have a beneficial effect on the hair. Coconut Castor Oil , for example, works in two ways. While coconut oil penetrates into each hair and deeply nourishes it, castor oil strengthens the hair roots and promotes faster growth of dormant follicles, i.e. hair roots.

Although you can't go wrong with applying a small amount of oil to dry hair, these combinations are best used in the form of packs. You just comb your hair, apply your combination, massage well and wrap your head with a preheated towel . If you have enough time, sleep over. After washing in the morning, your hair will surprise you with its suppleness, smoothness and shine.  

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