Trends (and products) for sun protection and even faster tanning

Trendovi i proizvodi za zaštitu od sunca i još brže tamnjenje

Summer and vacation may still be on hold, but you can start preparing today. Equip yourself with information and find out what to choose from protection products, how to darken even faster, and what to definitely avoid while under the hot rays of the sun.

Short tanning, long-lasting color

Jams, marmalades, oils and tanning lotions have been a real hit for several seasons. The reasons for such popularity are multiple. They are easier to apply than self-tanning products, with them the color "takes" evenly, so there is no fear of inconvenient spots on the elbows and ankles, and at the same time they leave the skin incredibly smooth and soft. An important factor is that you can combine them with sun protection products , which is why you can achieve a beautiful bronze tan without exposing your skin to the risk of burns or, in the worst case, melanoma.

However, with all the "arsenal" of cosmetics for faster tanning, you need to have something else, and that is (sunny) weather. This is precisely why trends are moving in the direction of strengthening jam and oil formulations with proven effective ingredients such as beta carotene from carrots and olive and walnut oils. The calculation is simple! With more valuable substances in the products, you will need even less time in the sun for beautiful sun-kissed skin , thus reducing the possibility of its damage and premature aging.


Nutrient oils never go out of fashion

In addition to protecting the skin from the sun's spectrum and helping it to capture that familiar summer glow as soon as possible, various tanning lotions and jams and oils for faster tanning deeply care for the skin. They usually do this with the help of, you guessed it, various natural oils. Virgin olive oil, walnut, sesame and almond oils, castor oil, and the often present cocoa butter provide the skin with a kind of protective coating. It protects it from drying out in the sun, wind or when exposed to sea salt , and due to its viscosity and nutrition, the oils have an almost "prolonged" nourishing effect.

However, despite the already proven advantages of using oils in skin care, it is important to note that the mentioned oils, by themselves, do not provide the necessary protection from UVA and UVB rays. Home-made preparations containing photosensitive oils such as St. John's wort or oils of various citrus fruits are an even worse option for the skin in the long term. In addition to not protecting the skin from the sun, such mixtures actually make it even more sensitive. A balanced formulation with a protective factor and nourishing oil ingredients is still a better and safer choice.

Protection of hair, birthmarks and... tattoos

Certain areas of the skin on the face or body sometimes need additional SPF protection. With the help of cleverly designed products, a kind of hybrid, today it is even easier to protect the skin in any situation, from hiking and staying in the forest to all-day cycling. A good example of this is sun protection in a stick with factor 50, which is extremely practical to use because it is unscrewed and applied in an instant, and creates a thick protective film on the skin that is resistant to water and perspiration. In a few steps, you can protect ears, lips, tattoos, moles, hyperpigmentation spots or scars that need extra attention. If you think you've covered your entire skin by applying it to your skin, you haven't really done it until you've covered your hair. The sun's radiation can really dry out the hairs, make them brittle and brittle, and along the way affect the hair color itself. Such damage can be prevented again with oils , with an SPF factor sufficient for complete protection from the tireless rays of the sun.

Care first of all

The ultimate goal of all the products you take with you on vacation is to return with even more beautiful, glowing skin. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a care ritual tailored to your skin's needs, just like you do at home. When choosing products for sun protection, as well as those for promoting tanning, take into account all the circumstances that are important to you.

If you like creamy, greasy products, you will be satisfied with the nourishing face cream, body milk and jam for faster tanning. If you prefer dry, fast-absorbing oils, and you wear lighter colors to the beach, make sure your beach bag contains oil-type products without added pigments. Of course, don't forget about care after sunbathing! Regular dry brushing, exfoliation of the face and body, and care with products that are light in texture and rich in composition are a recipe for a summer tan that will follow you all the way through winter. 

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