What are ceramides and how do they help maintain the beauty of the skin

Što su ceramidi i kako pomažu očuvati ljepotu kože

Well-nourished, firm, healthy skin with natural youthful fullness and shine can be achieved with numerous cosmetic ingredients, and ceramides are among them. Often a bit (unfairly) neglected, ceramides are extremely useful as they help the skin retain the necessary moisture and strengthen its natural resistance. A healthy and preserved barrier function is the basis for the beauty of the complexion, but also for the introduction of targeted care such as exfoliants or retinoids.

Part of the natural composition of the skin

Just like hyaluronic acid or collagen, ceramides are structural elements of the skin that are found naturally, in fairly high concentrations, in its layers. By their composition, they are fat that surrounds and protects skin cells from drying out. Over the years, as a result of the natural aging process of the entire organism, as well as the action of external factors such as solar radiation, the composition of the skin also changes, whereby the ceramide level decreases. Among other things, this is one of the reasons why our skin very often becomes dry over time, more prone to irritation and sensitivity , and with the disappearance of the substance that binds all building elements, this aging starts to be noticed indirectly on the surface itself: firmness is lost, fine lines appear and wrinkles.

RA vitamin serum

It is never too early, but also not too late, for prevention

It is known that the prevention of premature aging of the skin is the best way to preserve its health and good appearance. It's never too early (nor too late) for quality care rich in moisturizers and lipids, and the same goes for adding ceramides to your daily routine. This is possible through nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. As ceramides are naturally present in every skin, they are an ideal addition to the care of every skin type and condition, but the final choice of serum or cream depends mostly on the formulation itself and other present ingredients . How to recognize them? Ceramides usually carry labels such as NP, NS, EOS, EOP, AP. Their specialty is their precursors - sphingolipids and phytosphingosine - which act as a kind of "communicator" and encourage the skin to produce ceramides on its own.

They restore, strengthen, revitalize...

Ceramides are definitely one of the most powerful ingredients against signs of aging, and they bring a number of positive effects to the skin. They prevent drying of the skin, promote regeneration and the creation of much-needed lipids that preserve the barrier function, and at the same time revitalize the elasticity and resistance of the skin in the long term, strengthening its ability to retain the necessary moisture .

Another of the many positive sides of ceramides is that they go extremely well with almost all known (and recognized) active ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid or retinoids (colloquially known as retinol). In product formulations with a high, potent percentage of retinoids, ceramides play an important role in soothing possible skin irritations. The ceramide complex is part of the RA Vitamin Serum with 0.1% retinaldehyde (retinal) intended for care against signs of skin aging, acne and comedones. Ceramides, their precursors, and other extremely nourishing ingredients such as bisabolol, allantoin, and aloe vera provide strong support for the hydrolipidic barrier, thus reducing the possibility of dryness, redness, or any sensitivity that may occur when using retinoids.

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