GUIDE: Order and amount of products in skin care routine

Redoslijed i količina proizvoda u njezi lica

The exceptional quality and superior composition of cosmetics do not mean much if you are not sure how exactly to include them in your daily care. In order to master all cleansers, serums, creams and oils, it is important to know how and in what quantities to apply them, and knowledge and expert recommendations from the world of cosmetology will help you in this.

Start with (double) cleansing

The first and basic rule, which is never too much to stress over and over again, is cleaning the face. Every day, we expose our skin to external influences such as smog, tobacco smoke, and with them there is usually a few layers of powder, blush, mascara. On the other hand, internal processes such as the secretion of sebum, natural skin oils, but also the influence of diet and stress, take place. Few people do not touch their chin or cheeks during the day, which possibly leads to more impurities that may be invisible to the eye, but certainly not to the pores .

Proper and thorough cleaning relieves the skin of its "burden", at the same time preparing it for continued care. Remember, in addition to the order of application and the amount of the product itself, the effectiveness of cosmetic products depends significantly on the cleanliness of the skin. It is therefore best to stick to double cleansing of the face and a combination of micellar solution and gel or foam, which will deeply cleanse the skin without drying out and resulting tightening. You can also continue the cleaning step once or twice a week with peeling or a mask .


Micellar solution

Continue with toning and serum

The advantage of cleansers that do not contain drying surfactants is precisely that they do not disturb the pH and do not act aggressively on the skin's protective barrier. The natural moisture that the skin loses during cleaning can be replaced with ordinary thermal water or micellar solution instead of the usual tonics with a high alcohol content. In addition to moisturizing the skin, it will nourish it with valuable natural oils such as green coffee oil and immortelle oil .

After toning, you are ready for dedicated care! From hyperpigmentation to severe dehydration, numerous phenomena can be solved with powerful concentrates in the form of serums. It is very important that when applying, for better absorption, dab them lightly . Don't forget the neck and décolleté area, and if you use a serum based on hyaluronic acid, be sure to apply it to a moisturized face.

Focus on the area around the eyes and lips

After absorbing the serum, focus on the details - parts of the face that require a little more attention and a slightly different type of care. Due to thinner skin, but also a specific loss of collagen over the years, the first fine lines start to appear around the eyes and lips. These areas should therefore be additionally protected with a dedicated nourishing serum , the composition and texture of which are specially adapted to the skin, which by itself is not rich in natural fats . In this step, feel free to protect the lips as well.

Don't skip hydration

Along with mandatory cleansing, another common step for all skin types is hydration. A good moisturizing cream is essential in proper facial care, and its selection should be adapted to individual needs. In order for moisture to be additionally "locked" into the skin, especially for dry type and in colder weather conditions, it is good to apply oil on top of the cream, which will provide an additional layer of care and hydration .

Protect yourself from the sun

The protective factor is one of the important factors of skin care, and not only in summer. Solar radiation is present throughout the year, regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy outside. Therefore, you should think about a cream with SPF in the same way as a regular cream - an indispensable step that prevents premature aging of the skin . Find your favorite cream or fluid and apply it as often as you can, especially if you use certain medical preparations, teas, serums or creams with active substances that stimulate photosensitivity, i.e. sensitivity of the skin.


Applying cream

Measure the quantities carefully

In addition to the order of application, carefully assess how much product you need for a specific care step. Less means more in this case as well. For the first step of cleaning your face, two squeezes of the micellar solution, one squeeze of the micellar gel or two pumps of the micellar solution are enough. For toning, apply one squeeze of the micellar solution directly to the hand and pat it on the face. Use concentrated serums in the amount of one to two peas , and care for sensitive areas in the amount of one to two pomegranates.

You will achieve the much-needed hydration of the face with a cream in a dose the size of a blueberry, while the optimal amount of oil depends on the current needs of the skin, and most often comes down to just a few drops. The only thing you shouldn't skimp on is sun protection, the effectiveness of which actually depends mostly on the correct, quantitatively sufficient layer of product on the skin. The amount you apply should not be less than three peas.

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