Care against wrinkles: when to start and what to pay attention to

Njega protiv bora: Kad krenuti i na što sve obratiti pažnju

Of all the care steps, choosing cosmetics and healthy habits , slowing down the aging of the skin is a topic that raises countless questions. We have selected the two most common and answered them, and below you will find all the important details.

Influence what you can

Skin aging is a completely natural and quite unstoppable process. This does not mean that you should give yourself lightly to the hands (and teeth) of time. Yes, your skin will remember every day of "barbecuing" on the beach, going to bed with makeup on, or aggressive cleaning. Well, although you cannot change the genetic or hormonal picture so easily, you can work on your decisions and habits. Quality skin care and wrinkle prevention is actually a matter of perspective - the more you dedicate yourself to it, the more it will return to you in its full glory .

We may disappoint you, but no anti-wrinkle cream, no matter how good it is, will replace continuous and consistent care of your health. However, there is no healthy and beautiful skin without a good, high-quality cream! The good news is that it is never too late for such care. When and how to start with it? There are no rules and no correct answer. Our skin needs, external influences, predispositions and habits are completely individual and changeable. On the other hand, there are general guidelines that should definitely be followed.

Go sooner rather than later

In your twenties, quality skin care should include daily facial cleansing, good sun protection, avoiding products with a high alcohol content and, of course, sufficient moisturizing cream that will soften all possible irregularities .

The next, third decade of life usually marks the time for somewhat more complex, but by no means complicated, care. Pay attention to the ingredients, introduce new active ingredients (hyaluron, oils) and new products, but be sure to test them individually, one by one.


Olival - green coffee


From the age of 35, you can introduce new active substances into your routine and "play" with more innovative products such as the Olival line of face care products with green coffee oil . It is still important to consistently follow all care steps, from cleaning to moisturizing and nourishing, and if necessary, add an additional serum or oil .

Perhaps the biggest changes in structure and texture are experienced by mature skin. To meet all her requests, from solving hyperpigmentation to day and night care, it is important to choose as natural products as possible with rich textures and nutrients , which will restore the hydrolipidic layer and restore her much-needed moisture .

First health, then beauty

Details mean a lot. It is also important that you sleep enough and drink enough water. But, apart from the well-known factors, there are also decisions that will make you feel the difference on your skin. Eat healthy and varied, enjoy fermented food and homemade kefir, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Consume less alcohol, which dries out your body , but also less (industrial) sugar, which is harmful in every way.

Include more good fats such as olive oil and avocados in your diet. Avoid going to the sun without a protective factor, and simply cross the solarium. Move, do the things and activities you love, socialize and relax with the people you love. All this makes a recipe for good health, which also brings a beautiful appearance and a healthy glow to the skin.

Keep your neck, décolletage and arms youthful

When we think of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle care, we mostly think of the face. However, age is actually most often and most quickly seen on the neck, décolleté and hands. Thinner, more sensitive skin above the breasts and the constant exposure of our hands to various conditions, both work and weather, are the cause of the first, usually premature, signs of aging.

Soften them with the most nourishing care possible with natural oils such as Golden Immortal Oil , which you will apply overnight and thus allow the skin to fully absorb the product. And remember, cleansing, exfoliating and masking aren't just reserved for your forehead and cheeks! Treat neglected areas of the skin with a few treatments, the results will surprise you.

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