Why hyaluronic acid is an inexhaustible source of skin hydration

Zašto je hijaluronska kiselina nepresušan izvor hidratacije kože

Dry, rough, worn, grayish skin is usually the result of dehydration. We all need water inside and out, regardless of skin type, and this much-mentioned hydration also hides the secret of slowing down skin aging. Hyaluronic acid has been the top molecule in maintaining youthfulness for decades, which is why it deserves its place of honor in everyone's beauty cabinet.

It "draws" water into the deeper layers of the skin

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin and tissue, which is why it is excellently tolerated even by sensitive skin. Infants and teenagers have it in slightly larger amounts in their body compared to the elderly, since its presence gradually decreases over the years. It keeps the skin taut and the tissue dense, moist and plump. According to its chemical definition, a complex polysaccharide (carbohydrate), hyaluronan is a humectant, a substance that attracts water. And that's exactly where the power of this beloved cosmetic ingredient lies! Only 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can "attract" up to 6 liters of water, and it shows this property even after it is absorbed into the skin as part of a serum or cream. The necessary water is returned and re-incorporated into the deeper layers, which increases elasticity, fullness, and firmness.

Skin "treated" with hyaluronic acid consequently shows fewer signs of aging, i.e. wrinkles and fine lines. Namely, if you compare the state of dehydrated skin with a cracked surface of sand, you will imagine the cracks that were created precisely by the drying of the soil due to lack of water. If there is an inflow of water, these cracks will connect and the surface will become smooth. Hyaluronic acid works on a similar principle, figuratively speaking, which is why many notice an immediate blur effect on their face.

The size of the molecule explains the action

Today, the name "hyaluronic acid" refers to various forms of this powerful active substance. There are actually different types of hyaluronan on the market (and in products). For example, Sodium Hyaluronate is a form of hyaluronic acid in salt form, and this form is often used because it is more stable and resistant to oxidation. In addition, it is better absorbed into the skin, and thus "drains" better and retains water in the deeper layers of the skin.

The good news is that each form of hyaluronic acid, and especially their combination, is beneficial for the skin. Apart from the difference in the derivation of a particular form, the key difference is in their molecular weight. While particles of lower molecular weight penetrate deeper into the epidermis and all the way to the dermis, larger molecules are absorbed more shallowly, restore the stratum corneum , protect the skin's hydrolipidic barrier , strengthen its natural resistance and help prevent (further) moisture loss. Precisely because of the aforementioned properties, combinations of different hyaluronan derivatives, as is the case with Hyaluron hydrator 4H, "hit" the skin exactly where it needs to be - in all its layers - forming a kind of "network" of hydration.

Tonic (mandatory) before, cream or oil after

Although the power of hyaluronic acid is well known and recognized, carefully arranged care, i.e. the order and amount of products in the routine are necessary for this ingredient to really bring benefits and not cause a long-term counter-effect. Hyaluronic acid, as well as other forms of hyaluronic acid, are usually part of light serum formulations and are applied first after cleansing the face. However, if the skin is not prepared beforehand, i.e. not moistened with tonic or thermal water, there is a possibility that the same hyaluronic acid will "draw" the remaining water from the skin and cause even stronger dehydration. Preparations based on this ingredient are therefore, without exception, necessary (and important!) to apply to a moistened face, and then apply a product that will prevent transepidermal moisture loss . It can be a regular nourishing cream, or even better, an oil like Omega Elixir that will nourish and protect the skin at the same time.

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