Vitamin fluid B3 for the care of the eye area has arrived

Stigao je Vitaminski fluid B3 za njegu područja oko očiju

After the presentation of the Professional B3 set, which included Vitamin Serum B3 and Vitamin Cream B3, we concluded that an ingredient like niacinamide should be part of at least one more new product. In addition, we have carefully recorded all your wishes and need for a product that adequately cares for the eye area, and at the same time is not heavy and too greasy.

All the efforts of our development team resulted in the first cream of its type in Professional. Vitamin Fluid B3 for the eye area has arrived, and Vitamin Serum B3 and Cream B3 have become available as stand-alone products.

B3 products

Deep hydration with niacinamide and ceramides

Niacinamide is an ingredient that is hard to get enough of. Due to its impressive moisturizing abilities and soothing effect, it is also ideal for the care of the area around the eyes. Vitamin Fluid B3 for the eye area is formulated with 1% niacinamide. It hydrates and visibly refreshes the appearance of the thin and delicate eye area. The addition of a complex of bioidentical ceramides has a regenerating effect on the skin, that is, it stimulates the synthesis of lipids, which strengthens the resistance of its natural barrier.

Express awakening (skin) with caffeine

We also decided to introduce completely new ingredients into the Professional collection, known for their effective awakening properties! In Vitamin Fluid B3, in a measured concentration of 0.5%, caffeine plays a key role in refreshing the tired eye area. It has an antioxidant effect on skin damage caused by external factors and free radicals, and it also stimulates microcirculation, which contributes to a more rested appearance in the morning and throughout the day. [1]

Professional fluid B3 for the area around the eyes

Targeted care with nutrients

Freshness, rest and radiance are achieved through deep hydration and rich, high-quality ingredients that nourish the more sensitive skin around the eyes. The nutritional value of shea butter, avocado and macadamia oil is complemented by magnolia bark extract and vitamin E, which additionally nourish and promote a healthy skin glow . Magnolia bark extract is extremely popular throughout Asia due to its ability to slow down the aging of skin cells. In addition, it helps soothe the skin and stimulates its renewal. In addition to the listed ingredients, campesterol and beta-sitosterol, i.e. phytosterols from buckwheat wax, are present in the fluid. They inhibit lipogenesis and promote lipolysis, which reduces the appearance of stressed tissue under the eyes.

Vitamin Fluid B3 smoothes thin dehydration lines, helps regulate puffiness and puffiness under the eyes and contributes to the brightness of the eye area. With long-term use, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles. In addition to the area around the eyes, it can also be used for lip care, as well as for the prevention of nasolabial folds. The product has a very light, fluid and fast-absorbing texture and does not contain added fragrances or dyes.

Suitable for almost all skin types regardless of age. It can be combined with other products based on active ingredients (vitamin C derivatives, peptides, retinoids). We recommend using it on clean skin after serum and before cream or sun protection products.


[1] Herman A., Herman AP, Caffeine's Mechanisms of Action and Its Cosmetic Use, visited 18.2.2022. 

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