The certified natural collection of Immortelle is richer in two products

Smilje noviteti

For one of the two products that we are introducing to the Immortelle collection, we received many inquiries on our social networks, and the other will surely become an indispensable part of the routine for oily skin. Below, find out more about our natural novelties, Eye Cream and Mattifying Fluid!

Eye care is a new area in the Immortelle collection

We have combined the already well-known benefits of the immortal essential oil of immortelle into a synergy with extracts of poppy seeds and Chilean raspberry seeds, while the luxurious and rich texture of the natural Eye Cream Immortelle is made up of nourishing shea butter and apricot, avocado and argan seed oils.

Smilje eye cream

Poppy extract is one of the lesser-known but proven effective natural ingredients in skin care, especially when it comes to the care of the eye area. It is special in that it inhibits lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis, which means that it reduces the volume of stressed tissue under the eyes (pronounced and swollen dark circles in the form of "bags"). Although under-eye circles in the form of dark circles are extremely difficult to act on with cosmetics, since they often arise as a result of genetic predisposition, facial physiognomy and lifestyle habits, poppy extract has a targeted effect on improving the appearance of the skin around the eyes - it helps to strengthen the firmness and elasticity of the tissue and contributes to the luminosity of the area . This cream will gently hydrate, nourish and ultimately smooth the area around the eyes, with long-term relief of puffiness.

Chilean raspberry seed extract contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, and it also contains phytoalexin, i.e. the natural phenol resveratrol, which stimulates collagen production. It acts as an antioxidant and maintains the normal function of cell membranes in the skin, thus improving the retention of moisture in the skin. With long-term use, it helps maintain natural elasticity and suppleness.

The cream for the area around the eyes easily fits into any routine, and is used as needed - in the morning, in the evening or twice a day, after cleansing the skin. It should be applied in a smaller amount to the area around the eyes, while avoiding contact with the eye itself.

Smilje matting fluid

Mattifying fluid is an ideal pair for oily and problematic skin

Immortelle, squalane, camellia oil and thyme extract are the ingredients that make up the unique formulation of Mattifying Fluid Immortelle . Thyme extract, the main star of this formulation, is obtained by distilling the flowers, leaves and stalks of the wild plant. The main components responsible for the active effect on the skin are thymol and carvacrol, polyphenols with strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant effects . The thyme extract in the Mattifying Fluid Immortelle works in synergy with camelina oil (camel or safflower), which is extremely rich in alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. These are omega fatty acids that suit oily skin types. This complex specifically alleviates and prevents the occurrence of irregularities in the form of acne, pimples, comedones and redness after inflammatory processes on the skin. The action can be divided into 4 main ways:

  1. has an antioxidant effect on sebum, which prevents the development of bacteria
  2. neutralizes epidermal lesions, which protects the skin from changes caused by C.acnes
  3. alleviates the appearance of inflammatory cytokines, thereby reducing the inflammatory response of the skin
  4. prevents hyperkeratinization (thickening of the surface layer of the skin) by reducing the increase in the activity of the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase, which reduces the possibility of new irregularities

Matting Fluid Immortelle has a light, airy, liquid texture that is very easy to spread and absorb. Does not leave greasy marks on the skin. On its own, it will perfectly suit oily, problematic skin prone to increased sebum secretion, but also mixed skin in slightly more layered care. It is used as needed, in the evening, in the morning or twice a day, and it can also be applied in a thin layer under sun protection products.

Eye cream and Matting fluid do not contain added fragrances, but the fragrances of the products themselves come from the ingredients present in the formulations. The more pronounced herbal smell of the fluid thus originates from thyme extract, which is part of the main active complex in it.

Formulations crowned with an independent certificate

Both products, as well as the entire Immortelle collection , belong to natural cosmetics whose quality is confirmed by an independent certificate.

This certificate is issued by the non-profit and independent organization The International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association based in Belgium. Founded in 2007, the organization is dedicated to the protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Their goal is to support the quality and use of natural raw materials, and thus the visibility of producers who meet the highest standards of quality and integrity in the development and production of natural cosmetics. The NATRUE certificate can only be obtained by passing all strictly prescribed criteria and following the NATRUE standard, as well as harmonizing the production process.

Novelties of Smilje 2

In order for certification with a recognizable logo of a female silhouette to be possible, it is also necessary that at least 75% of the products from the collection in question that the manufacturer wants to certify must comply with the organization's requirements and standards.

Since our very beginnings in 1994, in the manufacture of cosmetics, we have been guided by high standards of the production process and the purest, most original ingredients of local origin, and the Immortelle collection is the first in Croatia and the region whose quality was confirmed in 2014 by an independent certificate . Today, we can proudly say that it has grown by as many as two new products, which we believe you will enjoy every day. 

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