Niacinamide is the star of the new Professional set B3

Professional set B3

In the Professional Set B3, the new Vitamin Serum B3 with a high treatment percentage of niacinamide and the Vitamin Cream B3 formulated to perfectly complement and at the same time enhance the effect of the serum have earned their place. And of course, a little surprise – a facial massage roller made of black obsidian!

Where there's niacinamide, there's smooth skin

No more waiting, niacinamide is here and oily skin will love it. Our previous Professional sets cover different needs of the skin, but we believe that this set will most please all those who would like to act against irregularities in the form of pimples and acne, regulate excessive oiliness of the skin and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Niacinamide in the treatment percentage of 8% in the Vitamin Serum B3 will provide the skin with a wide range of effects from hydration and soothing, strengthening the skin's natural barrier to mitigating the effects of external stressors with an antioxidant effect. The neutral pH value will also suit more sensitive skin, and at the same time favors combining with vitamin C derivatives such as ethylated A ascorbic acid in Vitamin Serum C+ , hyaluronic acid and similar substances. For example, if you use Vitamin Serum C+ in the morning, you can add Vitamin Serum B3 or Cream B3 to your routine if you wish and need. Niacinamide is an excellent addition to the morning routine for combination to oily skin and if you use retinoids in the evening.

Professional set B3 2

However, as usual, we didn't stop at just one ingredient, but decided to start again on the path of synergistic actions that we simply adore. In the Vitamin Serum B3, we also incorporated tranexamic acid in a concentration of 1%, which reduces the visibility of blemishes and contributes to a more even skin texture . An additional soothing and hydrating effect was achieved by adding magnolia bark extract, xylitol and panthenol, which together promote skin renewal. Magnolia bark is known for containing the active components magnolol and honokiol, which relieve inflammatory processes and slow down the aging of skin cells, and xylitol reduces moisture loss. [1] Intended for mixed to oily skin with pronounced T-zone and irregularities, Vitamin Serum B3 is applied to cleansed and slightly damp skin, before cream and/or oil, and can be combined with Professional Vitamin Serum C+ and Professional skin protection products from the sun and daily care. In case it is applied in the same routine with serum C, it is applied before it.

The first gel cream in the Professional line

Vitamin cream B3 is white-bluish in color, but does not contain added dyes or fragrances, but rather gets its gentle pastel color and slightly nutty scent from natural German chamomile oil. For all those who really missed a light, fast-absorbing gel-cream, Vitamin Cream B3 will be a real discovery. Due to the lower percentage of niacinamide, it can be used with serum B3 or on its own, and it is additionally enriched with magnolia bark extract, squalane and panthenol. In addition to deeply hydrating mixed and oily skin, it leaves it slightly matte and makes it soft and smooth to the touch. Like the serum, it can be combined with other Professional serums such as Vitamin C+ Serum, RA Vitamin Serum, Hyaluron Hydrator 4H and others.

Deep facial massage with textured black obsidian

The elegant black color of the black obsidian facial massager fits perfectly into the minimalist Professional line. Made of real obsidian, which is formed by the rapid cooling of lava, it can vary in color from black, black gray to gray. It has two ends, one wider and textured to deeply treat and massage the skin tissue, and the other thinner and narrower, ideal for parts of the face such as the temples and the area under the eyes.


[1] Junho Park, Jongsung Lee, Eunsun Jung, Yumi Park, Kukhyun Kim, Byunghwa Park, Kwangseon Jung, Eunkyung Park, Jieun Kim, Deokhoon Park, In vitro antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of honokiol and magnolol against Propionibacterium sp., European Journal of Pharmacology accessed 30/09/2021. 

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