SUMMER GUIDE: how to maintain the health and beauty of the skin and hair

LJETNI VODIČ: Kako očuvati zdravlje i ljepotu kože i kose

Although being at sea recharges the batteries, the sun and sea salt can "exhaust" both skin and hair. Pay attention to them with the help of the following tips.

The sun is useful and does not have to be dangerous

More and more people are talking about the dangers of exposure to the sun. However, it should be remembered how, on the other hand, sunbathing is necessary for the health of body and mind. Why? The sun's rays directly stimulate the synthesis, that is, the creation of vitamin D. This vitamin is primarily important for the balance of calcium in the body in all age groups, especially in children and women in the menopause period. The sun brings us joy, in the true sense of the word . It raises serotonin levels, which makes us feel better. However, all the benefits of sunbathing should be enjoyed with moderation and caution.

Let the doctor have the last word

The first rule of responsible tanning is to listen to the doctor's recommendations. If you have skin prone to strong sun allergies and burns, you don't have to completely deny yourself the sun, but try to expose yourself less. Enjoy the beach before 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m. Be careful if you use certain medicines and natural preparations such as St. John's wort, which can cause more pronounced sensitivity of the skin to the sun. Don't forget to protect the parts of the body that are usually forgotten, such as the scalp, eyes, lips, neck and feet. Be sure to visit a dermatologist once a year and check the condition of the mole.

'Employ' all available filters

The sun's rays may not be visible, but the consequences can be. Fortunately, you can prevent them, with sun protection products that protect against the entire spectrum of radiation. Olival Sun lines of sun creams, milks and oils are based on effective UVA and UVB protective filters, but also on a wealth of nutritious, nourishing ingredients .

Cocoa butter, coconut scent, olive oil...

The ideal products for sun protection are best chosen according to the type and needs of the skin. SunMilk milks are a good choice for sensitive skin, while dry skin types can be protected and nourished at the same time with Sun Oilé suntan oil. These products do not contain preservatives, but only ingredients that the skin loves , such as high-quality olive oil and fragrant cocoa butter.

Don't forget spots, moles and tattoos! Sensitive areas on the body require a little more attention, but they are actually very easy to protect. Practical sun protection in a stick comes with a protection factor of 50, fits in every pocket, and envelops the skin in a rich layer that protects against the sun, wind and sea salt.

Hair should also be well protected

UVA and UVB rays don't just damage your skin - they can also damage your hair. In addition, sea water and frequent shampooing take their toll very quickly, leaving the hair dry and lifeless. How to prevent it? Primarily by proper care throughout the year, but also by using dedicated products! SunHair is a preparation that combines the advantages of oil hair care and protective filters . It contains argan and macadamia oils that envelop the hair with a protective barrier and protect the hair from damage and drying.

Don't skip care

In addition to needing protection from the sun, the skin also cries out for increased care during the summer. Primarily, these are hydration and restoration of the lipid layer. After showering, feed your skin with SunSOS lotion . This lotion contains aloe vera and panthenol which together soothe the skin and promote natural renewal.

Extremely dry skin requires extremely rich care, which Olival Magical Dry Oil will provide. Hazelnut, argan, jojoba oils. wild roses and macadamia make the skin soft and silky . Magical dry oil is ideal for skin care after sunbathing, not only because it mitigates the harmful effects of UV rays, but also because it restores the necessary moisture. Once a week, be sure to give your hair a nourishing treatment in the form of a pack. Avocado, burdock, almond oil or a combination of coconut and castor oil will nourish your hair and scalp, and restore strength and shine to your hair. 

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