How exercise affects skin health (and ideas for activities)

Kako tjelovježba utječe na zdravlje kože

Exercise should be a part of everyday life, but it often falls into the background due to other obligations. For this reason, it is not bad to occasionally remind yourself of the positive effects regular physical activity has on the entire body, including the largest human organ - the skin.

The physical effect of exercise may not be immediately visible, but the point is the long-term effects. A trained body (and mind) brings various reliefs - it reduces muscle tension, enables better general mobility and blood circulation, brings balance to the functioning of the organism, and also affects the radiance of the skin. Exercise improves circulation so that even the smallest capillaries receive more blood, which gives the skin a fresher color. The entry of oxygen ensures the vital work of blood vessels. Sweating cleans the body's pores and removes impurities. However, it is important to keep in mind that those with more sensitive skin should jump into the shower immediately after training to prevent the possibility of skin irritation. Exercise is also extremely important because it stimulates cell renewal and contributes to the skin's vitality. [1]

If we managed to "ignite" a spark of motivation for you, below we also present specific suggestions for sports with which you can start your active lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience with exercise, these activities will help you on your way to better physical and mental fitness. Consequently, it will also affect the fresher appearance of the skin!

Sports beginners, start with tennis

Tennis is a great choice for sports beginners because everyone can train tennis, regardless of age. Can be trained independently! A racket, a couple of balls and a wall are enough, or with a company if you prefer to have someone with you who will motivate you and encourage you to continue exercising. In addition to physical activity, tennis is great for mental strengthening. It is a sport where the one who predicts the other player's movements better wins. Earning points in tennis can take a long time, which is why it is ideal for anyone who wants to work on their patience along with their body.

Relax with ballet moves

Don't think that only the tall and slim can enjoy ballet. Ballet is an exceptional opportunity for an active combination of dance and exercise, and at the same time fully exercises and stretches tense muscles. Start with ballet if you are among those who do not primarily want to lose weight, but want to provide their body with better elasticity and reduce stiffness. Resolving stress is guaranteed with classical music and the famous beats of "The Nutcracker" or "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky.

Practice mind-body coordination by climbing

For those who are in somewhat better physical condition, they can achieve an active start to autumn by climbing to the top! Or at least to the top of the hall. Strengthening the upper body, as well as practicing dexterity, are an ideal combination for those ready to conquer heights. For all those who love adrenaline, additional motivation, after conquering the top, can be an exciting descent with a rope!

Keep swimming in the colder months

Summer is over and swimming in the sea or river is a thing of the (near) past for most of us. However, you should not give up swimming completely. Going to the pool sometimes seems like too much preparation, but once you settle into your new routine, your back pain will disappear and you'll wake up refreshed and rested again, just like you did during the summer.

Hang in there, muscle soreness is temporary

Don't let sore muscles during the first weeks of training distract you from your goal. It's just a sign that you've started and are making progress! Instead of giving up, rather equip yourself with gels intended for muscle relaxation and better joint mobility. One of the key minerals in the period of increased activity is magnesium. It is extremely important for the functioning of many processes in the body, and as a factor participates in as many as 325 enzymatic reactions. [2] In addition to being able to supplement it orally, you can also supply your body with magnesium through the skin, or transdermally. Supplementation through the skin has been confirmed as a successful method and a desirable practice in all periods of life, especially with stronger physical activity.

Gel or oil with magnesium is quickly absorbed by the skin, so the effect of pain is usually alleviated immediately. They are applicable in sports massage and both are applied with light circular movements three to four times a day. If you feel stiff before training, feel free to apply Ice gel to the sore spot and in that case try to spare the inflamed muscles a little. In more severe forms of inflammation that are painful to the touch, it is good to use Glucosamine gel enriched with glucosamine sulfate, menthol and camphor, which effectively helps muscle recovery.


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