Why the skin needs exfoliation (and which one to choose)

Zašto je piling potreban koži (i koji odabrati)

By applying nourishing cosmetics, we provide the skin with nutrients and protect it from external influences such as smog and wind. But the skin also needs a break. That's where exfoliation comes in. The very word "peeling" means peeling, which to some extent explains the process of peeling, or exfoliation of the skin. But what exactly is it about?

Radiant complexion, better circulation, healthy color...

Somewhat unbelievable, but experts say that over the course of a year, our skin sheds over 8 kilograms of excess, "dead" skin cells! Exfoliation actually helps the skin in a controlled manner to discard all the excess burden in the form of impurities of various origins. This procedure brings 3 main advantages to our skin .

1. By regularly exfoliating your face and body, you achieve a visibly clearer, more even complexion. You prevent ingrown hairs and the appearance of irregularities.

2. In addition to a more beautiful appearance and texture, exfoliation promotes better blood circulation of the skin and the exchange of substances under its surface, restoring its youthful appearance and healthy color.

3. Exfoliation prepares your skin for better absorption of products in the further care routine, such as serums, lotions, oils and creams.

What are the types of peeling?

The products intended for peeling are based on a mechanical and chemical principle. Although it sounds strange at first, the difference is that with mechanical peelings, the skin is deeply cleansed with the help of a coarser texture (sugar, salt, fibers) or grains (plastic or natural), while with chemical peelings we are talking about active ingredients (AHA , BHA, PHA acids).

Body peeling

Rougher textures for the body, softer for the face (and cleavage)

You can exfoliate in different ways. For the face, neck and décolleté, due to the more sensitive and thinner skin, it is recommended to use dedicated cosmetics , gentle sponges and special devices with brushes intended for deep cleansing of the face. Therefore, body exfoliation can (and sometimes must) be rougher, so different brushes for dry and wet exfoliation and, of course, cosmetic products are used for this purpose. Of course, less is more, so you should be careful with such beauty gadgets.

What products to start with

If you have not yet enjoyed all the benefits of regular exfoliation, take it easy and be careful. First of all, try to choose products that are really gentle and nurturing. Pay attention to the grains that are in the peeling itself . Beads from natural sources, such as olive and apricot pits, are very gentle on the skin and do not pollute the environment when they leave your household drains and pipes - as plastic ones do.

Another selection criterion should definitely be the ingredients. Keep in mind nourishing preparations such as the Magic Body Peeling Gel and the Nourishing Peeling Immortelle . The magical peeling gel is intended for exfoliating the skin of the body in the shower, it is applied to wet skin with circular movements and then rinsed off. It contains only natural grains and ingredients that do not dry out the skin, but leave it smooth, fragrant and soft after showering . Facial scrub, in addition to natural grains, contains nourishing oils of olive, sesame and essential oil of immortelle. For this reason, you can leave it on your face for a few minutes before circular rubbing and rinsing.

If the skin is sensitive to mechanical stimuli, gentle exfoliants such as Peeling Toner with mandelic acid, gluconolactone and lactobionic acid are a more suitable option, which, in addition to smoothness, offer a number of other benefits - first of all, action on comedones and hyperpigmentation. 

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