Dry brushing: What it's good for and how to apply it properly

Suho četkanje: Za što je dobro i kako se pravilno primjenjuje

It is desirable to detoxify the body from time to time. Most often, we do it internally, forgetting that we can also detoxify the body through our largest organ - the skin.

With the aim of cleaning the body both inside and out, the dry brushing technique was invented a long time ago. What it is, what benefits it brings, and how to apply it correctly, read below.

Dry brushing also brings benefits from the inside

The dry brushing technique has been one of the favorite spa methods in Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey for hundreds of years. However, in recent years it has been expanding its influence to other parts of the world, including here.

This method successfully removes the old and dry surface layer of the skin. However, apart from the fact that dry brushing is used to make the skin soft, well-groomed and smooth, it also leaves deep traces, i.e. benefits for the whole body.

Dry brushing, as many sources say, helps fight cellulite, strengthens immunity, aids in the proper functioning of glands and hormone secretion, improves circulation, stimulates digestion, shapes muscles, and the body gets rid of excess water and toxins. Best of all, the dry brushing technique is simple and easy to apply in every home.

What does proper dry brushing look like?

For dry brushing, you first need to get the necessary "tool", i.e. a brush. It is recommended to use a brush with bristles made of natural and not synthetic materials. In addition, just as it is not desirable to perform dry brushing with a brush with too coarse fibers, too soft fibers are also not good because they reduce the effect of this treatment. Be sure to get a brush with a long enough handle so that you can also brush the back, which is often forgotten.

Dry brushing is preferably done every day before showering. In order for dry brushing to make sense, that is, in order for you to feel all its benefits, you need to do it correctly. So, to begin with, you should know that dry brushing is a combination of circular and straight movements that start from the feet, and in the direction towards the heart.

So, brush your legs from the feet up in straight, long movements. Then move to the hands from the hands to the shoulders. Brush the back from top to bottom, and the stomach with circular movements from bottom to top. In this way, the lymph will be directed towards the heart. Brushing in the opposite direction is not recommended because it can cause additional strain on the veins and lymph nodes.

Brushing should be gentle, never with too much pressure, and this technique is not recommended to be used on damaged areas, on areas where you have some irritation or rashes, as well as on intimate areas. Dry brushing can be applied to the face, but then you need a brush with even softer bristles or a towel. The dry brushing process itself can last between 10 and 15 minutes, it depends on the person. If you are trying to break up cellulite using the dry brushing method, you can only stay on that area for about 10 minutes.

Magic milk for the body

What after dry brushing

In order to remove all dead skin cells, it is necessary to take a shower after dry brushing. It is recommended to end the shower with hot-cold cycles. Run hot water for five seconds, then cold water for five seconds. Repeat this three times, and finish the shower with cold water. You will notice the benefits of this ritual already after a month. However, to spice up your dry brushing technique a bit, do a gentle exfoliation while you shower.

The magic peeling gel contains a gentle surfactant of natural origin and apricot kernels. This is precisely why it is the ideal choice for mild exfoliation, as it will not dry out the skin. All dead skin cells that may have remained unremoved during dry brushing, thanks to exfoliation, you will surely get rid of them.

In addition, for a complete spa experience in your own home, after showering deeply nourish your skin using Magic , Crystal or Rose Body Milk . Their nutrition and luxurious, fragrant texture rich in natural oils will provide you with long-lasting hydration and help in rapid skin renewal.

Since dry and chapped skin is more common on colder days, the overall treatment, which includes dry brushing, exfoliation and showering in hot-cold cycles and deep skin nourishment thanks to the body milk of your choice, is especially recommended during this period. Let your skin be healthy, tender and nourished even during the winter. 

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