The benefits of using a serum in a facial care routine

Prednosti korištenja seruma u rutini njege lica

Although they are the strongest link in facial care, serums are still unfairly neglected. It's a pity, because serum products are the most powerful in solving dryness, blemishes and wrinkles. In the following, we therefore correct the injustice and present the most important advantages of using serums in facial care.

They are concentrated and last a long time

Common creams, emulsions, pomades and facial cleansing products usually contain active ingredients that no doubt care for the skin, but what sets serums apart from them is their exceptional concentration. It is enough, and it is recommended to apply them in really small quantities.

A few drops are enough for the care of specific parts, such as the area around the eyes and lips, but also for the whole face. Despite the slightly higher price compared to other products in the routine, buying the serum is many times more profitable. It usually brings the most visible results, completes the entire face care , and with proper application, one bottle lasts for months. Some serums, such as RA Vitamin Serum , work on a whole range of phenomena, from wrinkles to acne and pimples, which makes their profitability even higher.

They solve irregularities and specific needs

The wealth and purity of active ingredients in serums are the best answer to the special requirements of the skin. The in-depth, targeted effect of serum products is based on synergistic combinations of natural oils, extracts and other active ingredients such as ectoine, retinal, aloe vera and others, which are proven to work on individual skin conditions . They nourish it, moisturize it, strengthen its structure, improve its firmness in the long term and help it stay soft, smooth and with a healthy, youthful glow.

From reducing wrinkles and fine lines and hyperpigmentation spots caused by the sun to refreshing a slightly lifeless, greyish complexion, serums are the dedicated care you can always count on. However, in order to achieve the best results, it is important to combine them well and fit them well with the products you use . This is why products from related lines are usually the best choice.

They save you money and time

The advantage of concentrated care is that you have an almost "salon" facial care treatment at home, every day at the same time. You can be consistent in such care, while knowing what kind of product you are applying and what are its key ingredients . Once you discover the magic of serum care, you won't think twice about spending your money on occasional beauty treatments. Apart from possible high-quality mechanical cleaning, you can do all the steps of facial care in your bathroom.

They make a valuable contribution to skin health

The results of quality, careful, targeted care today will be best seen tomorrow. In translation - all cosmetics, including decorative ones, but also dietary habits, lifestyle and stress which is almost impossible to avoid, are factors that affect the health and beauty of the skin in the long term. It is important to bring them into balance, and at the same time provide the skin with quality care depending on its needs, the season and the circumstances in which you find yourself. Serums are a step in your beauty routine that you can easily adapt to your lifestyle and rhythm , and at the same time bring your facial care to a higher level.

They bring a touch of luxury into everyday life

Everyone has their own tastes, but you will surely agree that facial care is one of the pleasures that is shared by almost everyone. Those few minutes at the end of the day when you take off your makeup, wash your face and apply your favorite natural cosmetics are not "just" evening care, but also a daily relaxation ritual that simply cannot be skipped . Applying those few powerful drops of serum before your favorite cream does wonders for the skin, but believe me, it also does wonders for the spirit.

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