How to introduce changes in your skin care routine

Kako uvesti promjene u rutinu njege kože

Whether it's summer, autumn, spring or winter, the skin should always be taken care of without exception . This does not mean that she always needs an extremely nourishing cream or additional care with a serum. You usually already intuitively feel how your skin "breathes", so you know what it needs in times of heat or minus. However, it is not out of place to remind yourself of these details once more, just in case.

Determine the material (skin type and condition)

Dry skin, at first glance, is really not difficult to recognize. But do you know the difference between dry and simply dry, dehydrated skin? Exposure to the sun, sea water and heavy sun protection creams can really dry out an otherwise normal, even oily skin type. You will certainly notice the tightening of the facial skin that does not stop, but also the appearance of irregularities and increased oiliness. But the matter is actually simple - such a condition is usually temporary, and the easiest way to change it is to adjust the choice of cosmetics and the care routine.

Start from the ground up (cleaning)

The health and beauty of the skin begins with its cleansing. In addition to consistency and thoroughness, the key is to find "cleansers" for your skin, regardless of its type, that will not further dry it out. Choose products that are gentle and at the same time rich in valuable natural ingredients such as aloe vera and immortelle essential oil .

If you use waterproof makeup, we recommend treating your skin with a two-step cleansing. First, remove most of the make-up and impurities with a micellar solution, and then wash your face with foam or gel. It might take you a few minutes more, but when it comes to skin, it's worth the effort and time. You will be surprised!


cosmetic bag

The contents of the cosmetic bag should be adapted to the season.

Follow the prognosis and skin needs

Every season changes our habits and skin requirements. Of course, it is very important to recognize them in time and to respond to them with adequate care. In winter, you'll probably need a richer, more nutritious cream whose composition is dominated by powerful oils, while in summer you'll only apply a lighter daily moisturizer. During the worst cold weather, your skin will need additional moisture in the form of a serum , while in the spring it will be easiest to "wake up" with the help of a new tonic. Don't be afraid to experiment, but be sure to pay attention to the full composition of each new product you introduce into your routine.

Introduce changes gradually

Just like us, the skin needs time to get used to new things. If you change the usual cream to a new one or introduce a new care step in the form of a serum, do it carefully and gradually. Make each change individual, so try new products separately. Allow the skin to "show you what it thinks" about the novelty you have offered it. If you suddenly change the whole set of care, you will actually find it very difficult to determine which product suits you perfectly, and which is somewhat less so.

Hydrate your skin

Along with deep cleansing of the face, proper and constant hydration of the skin is the most important rule of care. Every skin type, including oily skin prone to irregularities, needs its own dose of hydration! Moreover, often this "water" will make a huge difference, in a positive sense, in terms of more balanced oiliness or the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Instead of gels, creams and serums with drying alcohol, choose products enriched with moisturizers and lipids such as Hyaluron Hydrator 4H and Golden Immortelle Oil .


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