How to prepare your skin (at home) for warmer days

Kako pripremiti kožu za toplije dane

As the temperature rises, so does the desire to finally get rid of the shackles of heavy coats and enjoy the sun with bare arms and legs. Before you set them free and sunbathe, it's time to prepare them for it. Here's how!

Refresh your cosmetics

Spring, and later summer, are periods that really need to be adapted to. There is great heat, which sometimes makes it hard to breathe, and such temperatures also affect the condition of the skin. Increased sweating and even secretion of fat is not uncommon in the warmer part of the year, which can cause unwanted irregularities and damaged skin texture. To prevent clogged pores, pimples, acne, and then the accompanying scars and spots, take a look in the bathroom cabinet, on the shelves and refresh the product lineup and routine. Start by cleansing your face.

Magic peeling gel

Make your skin twice as clean

Higher temperatures are a good time to introduce double cleansing of the face with a micellar solution and a refreshing gel or foam for washing. It really doesn't last twice as long (as it sounds), and it will help you with the remaining impurities in your pores. This will prepare your skin for the (spring) summer selection of serums that are more than welcome in your routine. Serum with vitamin C, along with a quality cream with protective UV-A and UV-B factor, feel free to apply during morning preparation. In the evening, treat your skin to hydration with, for example, a soothing combination of hyaluronic, resveratrol and aloe vera , and finish the care with a richer cream.

Adjust the decoration

Although high-quality makeup will not cause a mess on the face, when the degrees start to rise, it is good to stop on the ball and reduce decorative cosmetics to a minimum. Instead of heavier, mattifying powders, apply a lighter and nourishing CC cream as a base , and save the concealer and "camouflage" only for the most critical situations and locations on the face. A good waterproof mascara, blush and moisturizing lipstick are enough to make you shine. Of course, on the condition that you took care of your skin and lubricated it regularly during the winter (although it's never too late to correct it!).

Find your factor

In addition to the face, neck and hands, which are most often exposed to the sun, even on the way to the store or from work, it is good to provide a protective factor for the skin of the rest of the body as well. If you have been in the strong sun for 15 to 20 minutes, despite the fact that you may not be in a bathing suit a meter from the sea, you must smear the skin with milk or oil that covers the entire spectrum of the sun's rays. Remember - SPF is not only a prerequisite for healthy skin , but also one that is not prematurely burdened with signs of aging such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots and loss of volume and tone.

Exfoliate from face to feet

Regular application of products with a protective factor is highly desirable and commendable. However, it is necessary to prepare the skin for their application, and, hand on heart, to occasionally "purify" it from the rich, slightly heavier formulations of such creams, milks and oils. Is there a better solution than a good old scrub? A good exfoliating face and body treatment will restore the skin's extraordinary softness at first , rid it of dead skin cells, prepare it for absorption of further care and give it that specific healthy glow. Peeling, don't forget, is also the first step before getting rid of body hair. Of course, it is important that you find the right products. The skin of the face will be perfectly suited to a purifying mask with activated carbon, while the skin of the body (especially the thinner one in the décolletage area) will enjoy the treatment with a gentler peeling gel with olive oil and kernels of apricot and olive stones .

Brush cleaning

Shine with nourishing oils

Oils in skin care during warmer days may sound unusual, but only if you have not had the opportunity to see the beauty of care with their dry versions. Dry oils are a real mix of valuable nutrients from various sources, from hazelnut and argan to macadamia and rose. In addition to the fact that the skin loves them and absorbs them incredibly quickly, the hair "receives" them with equal enthusiasm in its care routine . You can take care of your face, body and hair with one multifunctional product, and for special occasions and evening outings you can also choose the still extremely popular oils with golden or silver shiny particles.

Do some spring cleaning

If you're wondering what cleaning the house has to do with skin care, by spring cleaning we mean paying attention to your beauty tools and – yourself. Sunny days are ideal for drying makeup brushes, so don't miss the opportunity to thoroughly clean and disinfect them. In addition, you can also "cleanse" your own body. You don't need any complex detox procedure , just lots of vegetables, fruits and fresh water. Your skin will be the first to show you satisfaction.

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