How to take care of your feet properly in summer

Kako pravilno njegovati stopala ljeti

No matter how much you look forward to summer, long days, flowing clothes and lighter shoes, the fact is that such enjoyment costs money. Especially when it comes to care.

During the summer, it is necessary to nourish the hair more, moisturize and protect the skin better , and special foot care is no exception.

Find out how you can easily give your feet a nourishing home spa.

Care comes in three steps

Rough heels, but also swollen and painful legs are typical summer "side effects". Feet and ankles are normally the most stressed part of the body. However, this is especially pronounced in the summer because blood vessels and capillaries expand due to the heat. This is the reason why heavy legs are a daily occurrence, mostly in the afternoon.

On the other hand, in attempts to give the feet some air, salvation is found in sandals. Although they help, the fact is that wearing them makes the feet dry and rough . If it is still not cared for regularly and properly, it is not uncommon for it to start cracking and hurting.

Fortunately, the trick for light, tender and well-groomed legs is very simple and consists of three key steps: bath, exfoliation and hydration .

A bath will relax you

The beginning of any care begins with a good bath. The bath has multiple effects: relaxes swollen feet, softens hard skin, improves circulation and restores freshness . Summer baths do not necessarily have to be in warm water. If you suffer from the problem of swollen legs, cold water will be more useful. However, it would be ideal to soak your feet alternately in warm and cold water.

Although water works wonders on its own, it's not a bad idea to enrich it with sea salt or different essential oils. 

Peeling will remove dead skin

Although it is difficult to see under the surface of thickened and hard skin, feet can (and should) be tender too.

After the bath relaxes and softens your skin, it is necessary to remove dead skin cells. The best way to do this is with a powerful peeling .

Mix cornmeal and olive oil and rub it well into your feet. After washing, call for help stone for foot care . It is best to use a pumice stone that is strong enough to remove all dead skin cells, but also gentle enough so that you don't injure yourself in the process.

Creams will nourish your feet

After a bath and exfoliation, your feet will be soft and smooth. In order to prolong that feeling of lightness and care, you need them to feed deeply . Choose creams intended exclusively for foot care. Their texture is somewhat denser, and active ingredients help to "break" hard skin . This makes them an excellent choice in the fight against burning feet, hyperkeratosis and the like. 

Intensive foot care cream , in addition to having a keratolic effect (removes the hardened layer of skin), also has an antiseptic effect. This is extremely important in the summer, especially for those people whose feet sweat more.

Don't forget - the nails are also part of the feet

After you've softened and nourished your feet, take a little more time for the finishing touches that will surely make a difference. It is, of course, about nails.

While bathing and exfoliating your feet is not necessary every day, hydration is. Daily use of a moisturizing balm for foot and nail care will restore a beautiful appearance to your nails.

In case you suffer from weak toenails , add a nail strengthening pencil to your daily beauty routine. Try care with a pencil for damaged nails that very successfully relieves symptoms and helps fight fungal diseases .

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