How to treat (and prevent) cracked heels

Kako tretirati (i prevenirati) ispucale pete

Cracked heels are a problem that occurs in the summer, but also in the winter months. In the colder days of the year, we wear closed shoes because of which the skin does not "breathe", which results in dry feet. The dry skin of the feet can easily crack, and we bring you a routine with which you will solve the dryness and then the cracked heels.

Moisturizing foot balm

The key is in (regular) routine

Dry foot skin is associated with the fact that we often forget to hydrate this part of the body properly , especially at the time of year when we wear closed shoes. In closed shoes and socks, the skin does not get enough air, and it is also exposed to moisture, so the skin dries out as a result. Dry skin is more sensitive to external influences and because of this it begins to crack. Apart from dehydration, the causes of cracked heels can be various, and some of them are inadequate footwear, natural skin renewal, eczema, as well as certain conditions that require medical advice. Flaky skin, cuticles, hard and rough white lines on the heels are symptoms of cracked heels , and thickened skin is also common, both on the heels and on other parts of the soles.

Make your feet happy with a bath

After a long day, treat yourself to a relaxing bath, which is the ideal solution for tired and sore feet . With the help of a bath, you will relax painful muscles, and with it you will restore the necessary moisture of the skin and soften thickenings. This is why a bath is the first step in a cracked heel treatment routine. Antibacterial foot care bath with essential oil of tea tree and rosemary has an antiseptic effect, which is suitable for cracked feet, which are often fertile "microbial soil". After a bath, when the skin is softened, dead cells and excess skin can be successfully removed with a foot care stone. Dry stone is the most effective way to remove thickened and cracked skin. It is important that you use the stone sparingly or only when it is really necessary, because otherwise the feet can become rough and dry, precisely because of frequent scratching.

Pen for nail and cuticle care

Nails deserve care too

Do you sometimes forget to apply moisturizer on your face and hands? We think the answer is no! Feet need to be cared for as regularly as hands and face . Proper care prevents drying of the skin and cracked heels. For foot care, apply Moisturizing Balm for foot and nail care, and apply Intensive Foot Cream to hard deposits on heels and cracked feet . After showering, when you apply body lotion, don't forget to anoint your feet because regular application of the cream will make them soft and smooth. As the symptom of cracked heels is also a problem with the cuticles, be sure to apply the nail and cuticle care pencil to the nails and the skin around the nails. The pencil nourishes and regenerates thin and weak nails, and at the same time softens the skin located along the edges of the nail. Follow this routine and enjoy beautiful feet all year long!

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