Make seed balls and make the bees happy

Napravi sjemenske kuglice i razveseli pčele

For Earth Day, we wanted to help nature, make you all happy and put your hands to good use along the way. It was important for us to know that one bee pollinates 200 flowers a day, and their number has decreased by almost 90% in the last 100 years. That's why we decided to handcraft green balls full of seeds of different types of flowers. And we have to admit that we enjoyed it! Below we provide all the details so that you too can enjoy their creation.

Get soil, clay and seeds

Depending on how many balls you want to form, you will need more or less material. However, garden centers and clay specialty stores usually sell larger quantities. In the garden center, feel free to consult with the employees about the soil substrate they would recommend , but it can also be the soil you normally use for your potted plants. The most important thing is to get powdered clay that you can mix with soil. By adding a little water, the mixture will turn into a cohesive mass with which you can form balls into which you will place the seeds of various flowers. We have to admit that we made most of the mixture odocatively, but all the balls formed and thickened nicely. When making the mixture, you will best see how much you need to add.

Knead and form balls

To begin with, put 250 g of white clay powder in a bucket or container with a wider diameter (we worked in a bucket with a volume of 5 liters) and add 150 g of soil. Mix them well and add water little by little and knead into a combined mass. When mixing, you will see if you need more clay or more soil. Add water as needed, and the texture of the mixture must be connected and able to form into balls . If it will separate easily, don't worry, as soon as you manage to form it into a ball and put the seeds in it, you are on the right track.

Do not forget about drying

Before making the balls themselves, be sure to provide enough space for drying. The balls should not be touched and should not be dried in direct sunlight. After you have formed the balls and put the selected seeds in them, spread them on the selected surface for drying, all you have to do is wait. After two days of drying, your balls will be ready to be thrown into nature - or given as gifts. If you decide to do so, you can easily wrap them in paper two by two, roll them up and form bows on each side . During the first rain, the clay will melt, the seeds will germinate - and the bees will enjoy the nectar and pollen that are necessary for their survival.

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